have a shot before considering quitting Shipping

Very simple question for today, why bothering buying and trading ships, buying and trading commodities, trying to fix principals ships/cargoes when you can simply create your own tequila brand with your best mate, back in 2013, and then once willing to move to something else, sell it for $1billion? And if you’re willing to reply is “because I’m not George Clooney”, I’m sorry but please try harder with another reply. The story does not tell if Diageo, the new owners of this Mexican product will be able to import these bottles in USA without too much taxes. We’ll need to check with Mr  Trump.

Have a nice day and you can still read BMTI or any ISM reports or any other good source of info you may find to know what’s going on in shipping, don’t forget a second hand Capesize built 2012 is worth usd 30.3Mio. How many cases of Casamigos can fit in this ship, probably more than the volume of this brand sold/year.




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