Greece the center of the (shipping) World

A slow Monday, as we could have expected, with little fresh enquiries seen on the market and the usual game with charterers waiting for the last moment to cover their stem and owners resisting as long as they can knowing the indexes shown on Friday were all back to positive and upward trend (putting aside the handy which was flat). In such circumstances, Owners like to believe we reached a turning point and coming days and weeks will be more favorable to their finances.

Greece will be again this week the center of the chartering world, with the Greek shipbrokers’ diner which is (finally) held by the end of this week. Tons of brokers around the world will make the trip to Piraeus in order to do the usual and important networking job.

It’s rather important for the chartering world to meet the local owners and shipbrokers, when you know the importance of the Greek shipping community and how Greek Owners are managing to go through this tough time.

Few figures and example :

  • In January 2015, Greek-controlled ships totalled 180.6 million gross tons (gt) and accounted for 15.4% of world tonnage, according to figures by Clarksons. By last month, it had grown to 209.4 million gt and 16.4% of the world’s fleet.
  • In the meantime, Japan (2nd biggest shipowning nation) widended by 2% to 3.6%
  • German fleet, dropped from 7.9% to 6.7%
  • Newbuildings 17,4% done by the greeks in 2016 / 19% in the first 2017 quartery
  • Secondhand, one fifth of the total deals are bought by Greek shipowners (clarkson’s data)
  • New BIMCO president is Greek Owners


For those of you thinking, Greeks are spoiling the market with newbuildings and keeping 2nd handships at sea, worth to say

  • Greeks have been the busiest demolition sellers in 2016, with 17% of the scrapped fleet provided by the Greek Owners
  • Greek Owners scrapped their old ladies and bought on average 8yrs old ships (while the average on the 2nd hand market is 12 years old) (source Clarkson’s again)


According to above figures, the Greek Owners’ community is in the place and ready to supply the market with good ships.

As a consequence this week might be kind of a slow one on the index and fixtures movements, with brokers being busy doing the networking and you can also bet quite few charterers out in Greece to also do their piece of work to prepare the next months and years.

Have a nice afternoon






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