make ships desirable… any strategy?

Make June the end of May, was the english plans during the elections which occured on their side of the chanel yesterday, it seems May will last longer this year. But I’ll refrain myself to make further comments as we are not here to talk about politics but only about shipping right ? On this basis we can’t talk neither about the host of the 2022 Fifa World Cup, namely Qatar ? Eventhough the local political situation is putting a mess in the shipping Industry ? lucky drybulk players, most of the additional costs, change of plans will mainly impact the tankers, LNG carriers and containers ships. You can find couple of articles about the various impacts to be expected  and here

Back about the chartering market, as mentionned by ISM (which again you should also consider about subscribing to their daily/weekly market reports (more info here ))37,000dwt passing Canakkale via blsea is worth $7,000 daily, on smaller stem (25/30,000mt)Odessa to Egypt is worth something along $11.50usdpmt with Grains. Likely to be wheat, ergot free ? remain an open question for those of you who followed this saga. From Blsea to Brazil an handy stem is said to be worth something along $18/T.

And finally, as fresh chartering information is difficult to gather today I’m inviting you to read this opinion wondering if « shipping is a commoditised business ». By reading the article, it appears lot of Owners would love to make their ships and service unique and desirable while at the end, the market rules are mainly only focusing on freight price, whichever the colour of the hull of the ship or age of the Captain.

Have a nice day week-end and reminding you, we’ll make our best to make your ship/cargo very desirable for charterers respectively Owners and secure a lovely deal.







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