save private (Shipping) Ryan

In 1983 it seems lego were quite popular among the readers of this report. One even proposed to set up a « shipping legofan group » on Facebook to enter into « digitalization era ». Not sure we’ll have enough time to entertain this on-line group. Too many things to do in the shipping world.

The emergency right now is to make physical and real cargoes coming off on the market to try to keep owners chartering desk busy.

Owners seems to be ready to indicate through any network charterers can propose :

  • On line (dutch) auction,
  • Twitter,
  • Facebook,
  • Snapchat,
  • email,
  • fax,
  • Telex,

All modern (or not) tools available to get something concrete would make it.

Black Sea on the handies seems to be even worth than the sentiment given yesterday. Even specialists of this area are getting surprised by number of proposals and revised indications passed by owners to be the most competitive one, aps touch above $5,000 daily is looking like the magic number for a BLSEA WMED clean cargo.

Doing here the basic work to compare ships available Vs number of cargoes proposed in the continent, more than 50 ships are able to load for june dates when cargoes proposed are far from covering half of these positions. Surely, charterers playing it smart and will only disclose their cargoes one by one to allow them to have time to work each single stem to the best of their interests but still when one cargo is gone with one ship, it looks like 2 ships are appearing.

A quick look at today’s index, no size is managing to get a bit of fresh and green air. And going further, out of the whole index proposed by the Baltic exchange (if I’m calculating right 50 index followed daily), only one route is in positive mood, namely the famous HS3 ex Ecsa to Skaw pass which is showing an ambitious +27pts (with daily value at $7,866)… $7,866 seems to me still below reality however, I let you run the DOP Wafr equivalent if you dare.

Talking about Fresh and Green Air, I invite you to read the BHP billiton drybulk market prospects/comments.

Such a Company, as one of the biggest charterers in the world, have a huge responsibility about the future of the shipping market. And they seems to be aware of it. What’s bit more surprising, is the willingness to set very high standard when it comes to safety, quality, air pollution on one hand, on the other one the set up of their « on-line auction »* being quite a good way to drive freight down. Once they have made the vettings on who can/can’t apply, the ones getting the fixture is, with no doubt, the owners coming with the cheapest freight proposal. Then, unless I missed something, it means Owners need to do more towards quality standards with less money to invest. Can it last forever ?

*finally, BHP Billiton did not invent anything, they just copy/paste their « on-line auction system » together with what Tinder has been offering since Sept 2012 (but I bet BHP Billiton chartering director will deny having been inspired by such tinder thing).

Time to let you go back to work, should you have any fresh cargoes be my guest, I shall have few ships to propose.




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