Shipping market not out of the woods

Yep, we are not out of the woods yet, which you would recon is kind of bizarre knowing we are talking about ships sailing at sea and not going across the forest. Another look at bdi’s today and according to the great excitment we got from all our counter parties today ; being all in rush not to fix anything, as we say, we really do not know from where not to start. To this point of view the not fixing Friday day, I have to admit, I have been very successful. It was hard but I made it.

Mentionning to you yesterday some info on Grains prospects, Bmti is doing same today with bit more info about the Tunisia and Morocco destination, if you’re not a BMTI subscribers, not my fault, I already told you, they are providing a great baunch of daily market info. This situation does not mean charterers are finding always easily what the perfect ship for their perfect cargoes. Owners open in Asia seems to be quite happy to stay there and what we traditionally call « repositioning business » is simply declined by owners. On the other hand, lackustre market level in the Black Sea freezing somehow everything with charterers claiming owners shall consider their cargoes, which are at least firm with quick subs when Owners prefer to wait with a ship open rather than get sub $1,000 daily for a trip to baltic. « To much crap for nothing back » seems to be owners mood.

Shall we talk about Environmental issues today ? no I don’t think, who really cares, we are all fed up about being lost in the bush anyway right ? Enjoy the Thomas Pesquet picture proposed above, the man is just back from 200 days out in the space.

 Shall you want to share some exciting market news and info, please do not hesitate to pass it over, I’ll relay on Tuesday. Have a nice long week-end if you have one, if you don’t, sorry for you. Let’s talk on Tuesday and again in between shall you not want to fix something, or shall you need to fix something (one never know) Pelagos office will be open on Monday and as always, we are reachable on our stupid phones in between.









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