Does the ship name has an importance for Owners?

Well, it must have. No ships, up to my knowledge has been named “Ocean Crap’ or “rusty bucket” or ‘last chance’. To the contrary, shipowners trying to be creative and positive, to bring good mood and luck on their ships at Sea; For example, Mv ‘perseverance’, this is quite a nice name for a ship, knowing the ship was put at sea in 2013, and still here for trading, current Owners of this ship MUST show perseverance (and resilience also) and have a ‘Long Hope’ for better market for his lady. This lovely 30kdwt named ship is reported today being fixed from Setubal to UK at $6,000 daily. ‘Lucky Trader’ is the owners, for this ship, as trust the loading port is the port of Setubal in Portugal not in Brazil, for your info ‘Perseverance’ is said open in Jorf by the end of this week. At $6,000 aps daily, owners surely willing to have a ‘Pacific Journey’ and then be in good position to consider the 2nd half june cargoes which shall pop up at some stage from Continent or baltic. Surely charterers have still not found the bottom, we have heard charterers, not in rush, very flexible on the quantities to be shipped (from 15,000 to 30,000mt), very flexible on the dates (vsl’s dates from now or this summer) from South spain to French continental port, charterers ideas not even giving $1,000 daily on aps bss for a modern Imabari Handy index type. Charterers might find a taker, one day. But to my point of view their are some limits which shall not been crossed over.

Owners shall be happy to leave the month of May behind them and surely hoping for a revival of activity. Revival may come from India, according to baunch of experts mentionned by BMTI, on the prompt basis, we may have to put aside India as a strong destination, thanks (because off) to the Monsoon season.

Maybe then need to focus somewhere else, West Africa Maybe, more precisely Ivory Coast. Coccoa players might find an interesting info here on investments to be made in the port of San Pedro

For owners who lost their ‘Confidence in Ocean’ and willing to look for other jobs, sorry to say the CCO of Liberian registery has been covered. Interesting to realize, the man in charge has been working for more than 16yrs to promote the panama Registry and is looking after liberian interests from his office based in USA. This is the real magic of shipping. We are ‘Ocean King’ !

And tomorrow, we hope to have better news to share. I’ll disclose you the names of my tweens to prove you how committed in shipping I am.












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