lucky you, you have a shipping market digest here

  • Lucky you what we can read in couple of today’s market report was already passed to you yesterday in our (so) bright( !) market report.
  • Lucky you again, if you read the below, you shall still learn few things, such like ex Black Sea: Lucky (or smart) owners of a 37,000dwt managed to book the ship at $9,000 daily for a trip to West Med. Running the tce here, assuming it goes to SpanMed with dely Blsea, loading ex Constanza 8000x bends, this shall give on voyage equivalent a deceptive $12.75/13.00 pmt sub vessel intake as usual.
  • Looking at the list of fixtures reported by BDI yesterday, is a good way to start again to be depressed and to wonder where our luck is gone.

Out of 30 fixtures reported around the world by the bdi yesterday, any size, any origin, any destination, only 8 fixtures are showing a daily hire at or above $10,000 daily.

Out of the 8 fixtures, you have

  • A cape from Nbrazil to Italy via Turkey (so does not really counts, A cape above $10,000 shall not be something exceptional right)
  • A 82kdwt booked for 4-6 months period dely ECIND redel WW (so does not really counts, redel worldwide! if operators having the plan to redeliver the ship in WCSA owners need to cash in now to pay for the ballast from their and come back to a position where he can hope to find decent money)
  • An ultramax booked from ecsa to Philippines (so does not really counts, redel Philippines… the ship will be the 201 on the list to load in ECSA within a month after being redelivered!)
  • An ultramax fixed from baltic to turkey with scrap (ship ballasting from Hamburg and heading to Gdnyia… not sure dop equivalent being 5 digits numbers if fixed aps, so does not really count again)
  • A supra from Wafr to to ECINDIA (so does not really counts, once in ECINDIA what’s next in the plan?)
  • A 47kdwt dely dunkirk via odense to turkey (with scrap ?)
  • 2 handies from Sw Pass to WWCA/PERU (so does not really count, please give me a worse opening position to catch next decent business)

In nutshell putting aside the funky origin/destinations only scrap from Baltic to Turkey seems to be a decent trade for owners, as soon as they are happy to get bumpy holds

Basis the above picture, can the rising prices for secondhands ships be explained thanks to great visionary skills from investors ? or…hoping for luck? or what else ? (I like to believe it’s great visionary skills).

Have a nice day off

  • lucky you again, most of you are off
  • final luck, for those of you reading this report and about to enter into Ramadan period, wishing you a nice preparation of the coming next weeks.



if you’re wondering what are the main superstitions  in the maritime industry, you can have a look here… finally it’s not all about luck but also talent and please don’t get banana.



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