Do shipping market reports all need to be boring to be taken as serious ones?

Is it me or the market ? for sure since beginning of the week whichever the market report / analysis I’m given to read, I hardly can find anything exciting.  For instance, BMTI, which we have subscribed here (and we like that) keeps talking about coasters or any kind of business segment on which honestly we are not really « into it ». Are they lacking of good reliable hot information on the big ladies or is it just an editorial decision, which could have been like this :

BMTI editor’s May meeting

-« guys, on week 20, no matter what’s going on on the market, we’ll talk about coaster and that’s it ».

Thanksfully, the guy there, looking after the Commodities market asked to keep is « Wednesday » commodity batch and here we go with interesting and quite worrying market information. For all the beer drinkers in the industry we are learning the Barley stock is quite low, price of such grain will surely go up soon and for those of you aiming to transport barley via seaborne market, view record low quantity available, we may struggle to keep the drybulk ladies busy with this commodity. As a result, expensive beer which we can not afford due to lack of commissions in… This is quite ennoying.

Surely, grain traders are kept busy today making BOFFER to various tenders in the air proposed by Egyptian and tunisian authorities (to name a couple). In other words, they are taking positions now, for our summer activity.

On the handies in Atlantic, not much changes, Dely canakkale via Blsea to Egypt is still worthing something around $8,000 daily on 32kdwt, when similar size dely Emed to Caribs is being worth $8,000 for the first 45 days and then up to $9,000 for the extra days, if any, knowing it’s Cement might explain the relatively high daily cost. ECSA on the handies still seems to be fairly quiet, coastal buisness seems to be the only firm movements available for owners and when one HS3 route is available, this is getting fixed at loosy level touch above $9,300 daily. Ecsa, Supras figures are not shining neither for owners, sugar at $9,000 from Santos to Bejaia, shall bring something close to $20pmt on voyage equivalent with quick terms.

Beside these, what else to say ?

100% electrical big ships, are starting to hit the sea. Leclanché is launching a ferry able to sail 60 nautical miles with more than 200people on board and 30 cars and max speed at 15.3knots. Yes I agree with you, 60 nautical miles, remain kind of peanut. What’s not said neither by Leclanché in their brochure, is how long does it take to refill the batteries to be able to sail back…

On the shipbuilding side, top 6 Japanese yards are said to be « fully booked with orders until 2019 » when neighbours (China and South Korea) still have quite a bit of work to fill fill the books until 2019. More details here regretfully, the article is not mentionning whether the « top 6 japanese yards » have managed to secure orders until 2019 at the Japanese standard price or if they had to discount and propose a Japanese built ship at the price of a chinese one.

Whichever the price finally agreed, we can suggest to japanese yards to take their time for building up these ships and make some arrangements for delivery in 2020 only, an east way to fill the gap in their order books for 2020.



and in case you don’t know this boring song from Pink, here you go


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