dreyfus and chartering market info

You need to be a french speaker to get the whole of it, all being about Dreyfus Company and the plans to face market changes, « from farm to fork » could be the way to summarize the article. Few main info/data which you can find :

  • 2011 : 66millions tons moved
  • 2016 : 81 millions (same in 2015)
  • $80million invested in the port facility in Bahia Blanca to be in position to move 2million tons of grains / year (This investment, to anticipate the likely boom by 25/30% of grains production in argentina in the next 5 years.)
  • Opening also a grain terminal in Rostov and take advantage of the Azov sea structure and grains production.
  • Dreyfus = about 10% of overall worldwide agri trades

And the dreyfus « vision 2025 » plan, eventhough not much details in how they want to play, the main objective is to give better visibility to their customers and act with more responsibility… for a sustainable business. The full article is here and the Azov picture, is mentionned in today’s BMTI.

On the spot chartering market, seems the Owners need Dreyfus (and the others) to be even more active to influence positively the index and obtainable money for the latters for renting their ships at a higher rate. Unless the bigger the ABCD’s will be, the more control and influence they’ll have on the market and, by controlling same, they also have the capacity to keep freight market relatively low, to protect their core business, ie trading commodities rather than trading ships.

And French people have to face it, election of their next president did not change much the trend of the BDI today. Still showing losy numbers except on capers. But experts says Macron’s election helped Crude oil price to go up andwe shall keep an eye on OPEC’s decision, today, the Brent crude futures getting back close to $50 (@ $49.82 up by 72cents), May 25, they’ll meet again to decide whether they’ll keep cutting down oil production, to artificially, support gaz price.




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