Today are we tomorrow already?

Today is being a Tuesday but pretty much looking like a Monday with market players taking temperature on the market and pretty small movements are seen. Perfect day to buy perfume then.

Today’s BDI is all about red. BHSI is keeping losing slowly momentum, with HS3 losing close to 500points today (but still outperforming all other routes) by more than 2’500points for the closest one (being HS4). Noticeably, Weighted time charter average on the handies, daily value is getting close to the 8,000 mark.

Also, Lloyd’s on line polls put out few questions :

As off now

1/ Can brokers survive online platforms ?

  • 26% replying « no they won’t be needed »
  • 39% replying « yes, they are experts »
  • 35% replying « maybe, what do they do ? »

2/ Should owners should be made criminally responsible for ship safety ?

  • 77% replying « yes take owners to task »
  • 9% replying « no, we all have insurance
  • 14% replying « no, accidents will happen »

3/ Do ship-Owners need to stay Disciplined and stop trying to outmanoeuvre each other in the race for ordering new builds ?

  • 68% replying « yes too much oversupply »
  • 19% replying « yes buy 2nd hand vessels »
  • 14% replying « no I like low prices »
  • 0% replying « no I run a shipyard »

Lloyd’s again, an article about « what role for brokers in digitalisation era ?» which you can find here 




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