chartering market – some comments and fixtures seen heard done

Imagine one second, if the shipping and chartering market were surrounded only by wise monkeys, seeing nothing, hearing nothing and disclosing nothing… BDI would be flat and fixing and taking decisions would be everything but not easy at all.

Lucky you, I might be a monkey but not that wise, and once again I’m pleased to share some market information with you*. Really you should subscribe to BMTI daily reports ( As for instance, today there is no need to paraphrase what’s written and proposed in their reports. With not much to add to the « from the desk of a Continental Shipbroker » section. With some interesting comments such like:

  • Umax got fixed at $16,000 daily via baltic via East Africa redel Durban last week and being worth today only $13,000.
  • Soufflet being linked @ 17usdpmt for a 30,000mt stem of wheat from Dunkirk to Algeria which gives a time charter equivalent @ $11,000 daily aps (to me this cargo was booked already earlier this week at $17.50) and similar cargo is today being discussed around $10,000 daily (and according to me, even bit lower, with charterers having quite nice flexibility on the final intake).
  • ECSA is said to be softening with rates getting down and you’ll find some fixtures information on the bottom of this today’s report.

Please find few figures (provided by ISM) about Argentinean grains exportations : From April 8 to April 20 Argentinean ports handled about 243,000mt of bulk wheat and still nearly 350,000mt of wheat are awaiting their turned to be exported soon. 1.4Million tons of Maize have been loaded and Soyabeans, bit more than 150,000mt already loaded and shipped to China and more than 750,000 are in the pipe to be exported soon.

Talking a bit about grains, again, BMTI comments are what we can also read elsewhere, the lack of rain in the European Countries is hoped to be over soon to secure a good crop for this summer. Shall it remain as it is now and usual big european Countries being grains producers (and exporters) may face a second delicate year in a row.

Finally please find few fixtures which we have heard/done/seen in the last day :

Ex ECSA : Ballasters from West Africa managed to do

  • a 34,000dwt has been booked aps Ecsa for a Tct with redely Brazil (quick/short duration of about 10 days) at the rate around $12,000 daily). Guess Owners took this one and hoping for a better market within 2 weeks.
  • A 32kdwat modern, fixed dely aps South Brazil with a redely in Continent at $12,000 daily
  • 34kdwat from south Brazil to Blsea with sugar is under nego touch about $10,000 daily
  • A supra 52kdwt has been fixed aps Recalada (ballasting from Wafr again) for a time charter trip with a redelivery in Wmed in the region of $14,500/15,000 daily
  • Comparable ship with redely in EastMed, intention Egypt, got covered touch below $14,000 daily


  • Supras open WestMed getting « only » $11,500 daily for a 2/3 laden legs with redel atlantic
  • When, as seen today in the Bdi, a supra is getting fixed at $14,000 passing gibraltar via continent with redely Wafr.


  • 33,000dwat from Usec/NCSA is gone at $10,000 for a redely to Black Sea
  • 40,000mt 10 pct of bulk wheat from St Lawrence to Nigeria has been fixed on prompt basis, with a spot supra in the high 20usdpmt on the basis of 7000x/3000c with 2 disch ports. Assuming the da’s and Ewri are for charterers accnt, this shall bring an equivalent around $15,750/16,000 daily… sub bunkers being siphoned or not (


Have a nice day, evening and we remain at your disposal



*should you want to share some information on what you do/see/hear and are happy to help me to get this blog with more information please do not hesitate to share. Of course, I’ll manage to put a bit of make up on information you’re sharing in order to protect your “monkey wiseness”.


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