need to be believers- “I’m the one at the sail, I’m the master of my sea, oh ooh The master of my sea, oh ooh”

…This is part of the Lyrics from Imagine Dragons, song BELIEVER… and believer is exactly what we can find while reading various dry bulk shipping market reports.

Positive sentiment is clearly readable in some market reports/forcast. And some others are clearly bearish on the short/medium term runs…

For expample interesting input and discutable conclusion on this market comment/forecast  made here. Discutable as, if I understood well, Capes’ market has suffered lately from some « minor » accidents which have impacted down the market but basics are here to bring the spring time in even better condition than it is now. But, view how overall Capes market can be impacted by a storm in Australia, or a few days port closing in Brazil, how can we ascertain in May/June/July no other similar events will occur and bring some unbalanced situation again ? Is this market forecast more accurate then ? Being quite bearish ?

Interesting also to read the summary of the stock market for the shipping companies.

  • Navios -3%
  • Safe Bulkers -9%
  • Scorpio -14%
  • StarBulk carriers -21%
  • DryShips -22%

… in the last 5 days.

This might have a link with this info seen here  which plse find qte/uqte « Seven banks impaired shipping loans by over USD 3.4 billion last year, shows a report from Bloomberg Intelligence. There are, however, signs of improvement, which is good news for banks such as DNB, ABN Amro, Nordea, and Danske Bank, which altogether have loaned approximately USD 74 billion to the sector. »

 it’s bit like when we talk with charterers :

  • « market is down, there isn’t much happening around, we shall be able to do « as per last, minus X, I already have in hands couple of owners ready to fight to get my cargo » »

And 5 minutes after when we discuss with owners

  • « Market is on fire, I see baunch of charterers showing interest on my ship, I already have 3 firm offers on my desk, and I tell you, next fixture is going to be « as per last + y on the freight» »

For sure BdI today is not showing great figures, (and so this week)

  • coming down the 1,200 mark (1,195 precisely), losing 100points in one week (4 days)
  • Capers went from 2,220 on Tuesday, now at 1,830
  • Panamaxes from 1,621 on Tuesday, now at 1,494
  • Supras’ can  be said being flately down !
  • Handies to the contrary flately up !

Should you want to have a quick view on the week which is just over, have a look here, I’ve been given to understand, they have some reliable info.

bye for now and don’t forget, you can be master of your sea! (and we can help for this, we are good and nice brokers oh ooh ha haa)



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