post easter shipping continent handy view –

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« trip from Rouen to Algeria was allegedly concluded at $17.50/mt for a 26,000mt cargo, which if true, is a disappointing average of $8,500 daily »… trust BMTI aim to say « APS »… which gives something along $6,300 dely Gibraltar. I would be tempted to temporize slighlty the « disappointing » fact on this fixture. Bit of information are missing on this one. According to our info similar stems basis 30,000mt have been covered lately around $18.00pmt on modern tonnage (=tce around $7,750 dely passing gib / or $9,750 aps).

So what if the fixture mentionned by BMTI, is a ship being 20years old or even more? isn’t it still a decent figure? (don’t make me wrong, decent compared to a modern Vsl). Can a +20years old  dwt 26,000ship decently hope to get same money as a modern 32,000dwt ?

Also these figures need to be compared with :

  • a modern handy index size said being fixed dop Antwerp redel Arag via White Sea at $8,750 daily
  • Loyalty 30kdwt reported being fixed at $10,300 dely baltic (vsl open there) redel Wafr at $10,300 daily
  • or a modern 32kdwat which were open Tunisia, done dop at $7,750 for a time charter trip to USEC.

Talking about USEC/USG destination

  • Today a similar size ship (32kdwt) from USG to Wmed is worth something -according to our estimate- around $11,000/11,250 (knowing we’ve seen a fixture reported at $16,000 aps USG on a 32kdwat, on which we are pretty doubtfull. Seems to us on the very high side, unless we miss some background on this fixture). Index for such route being at $9,336 daily.

Ex ECSA, handy tonnage avaibility is bit tight for the month end, this may explain the $15,500 daily seen in the reports dely ECSA (Recalada presumably) tct to Skaw Gib.


*last report on Friday, I was wrongly mentionning for this rouen to algeria « $7,300 passing Gib alt $9,250 dop »… trust you have corrected by yourself and needed to be read « $9,250 aps »…


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