chartering is stressful. What about being on ships then?

What I called yesterday « pre Easter move down » seems to be in some areas a « pre Easter rally » with charterers willing to be fixed in the next couple of days, fearing owners will not react anymore until next Tuesday. In this prospect we can already see circulars from various offices saying « close as off tomorrow (Thursday) and will be back on Tuesday. Reast re assured we will regularly check emails »

That is surely one of the changes in our Industry compared to the « good old days » when people were working 24/7. Nowadays, people are taking their days off and monitoring from time to time their emails. Eventually concluding a fixture via smartdevice, laying nearby the swimming pool. Eventually agreeing quickly « as per last » and details to be discussed on the next working day.  Not sure back in the 80’s owners (or charterers) were ready to enjoy their Easter chasing eggs party having ships or cargoes in needs to be fixed. Not sure brokers were also ready (authorized ?) to be closed for 4 days in a row.

Is today’s index up  a last stand before back to lazyness ? we shall see. Again few fixtures in the atlantic are worth to be mentionned :

  • ‘Halit Yildrim’ 2002 29,738 dwt dely Ghent prompt trip via Baltic redel Turkey intention scrap $9,500 daily
  • while comparable ships only getting $8,000 daily for grains from continent to west med.
  • 53kdwat dely Recalada prompt with redely Cont/med range done at $16,000 daily.
  • Thor Magnhild’ 2006 56,023 dwt dely Jorf Lasfar 16 /20 Apr trip redel Abidjan intention clinker $16,000 daily

Also worth to notice big guys are covering themselves with period on Supras up to panamaxes ex USG in the low/mid $10,000, would this mean USG after a steady decline in the last month, will try to get to the roof in the weeks to come ?

Finally, whichever the money, a friend sent me what’s being said « testimonial of the 2 survivors seamen from mv ‘Stellar Daisy’ ». I’m not willing to report these testimonials here as I’m not quite sure about the origin of these texts and obviously I’m not here to try to disclose a scoop. The story reported is quite scary and shall help all of us, being well installed in our offices, behind our warm computers, with sometimes no more coffee in the machine (this can happen) to reconsider our stressful life, to try to get $0.25 more or less on the freight, or obtain 1 spare day on the laycan is pretty much nothing compared to what seafarers are going through. Without falling into easy emotional statements, we shall keep in mind we are able to move our cargoes/ships from A to B thanks to a baunch of guys, spending their life at sea and sometime losing their life at sea. These 2 guys were apparently rescued by a ship called « elpida ». which in Greeks means « hope ».

We’ll be here tomorrow and Friday, that’s what we can call commitment right ?




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