France is not all about strikes, we also have a shipping world here

I agree shipping world is not all about France, you’ld agree it’s also important to mention his own country (without falling into nationalism)…

France is not well known for his amazing fleet size and it’s not likely to increase in the days to come. Setaf Saget is reported having sold 5 of their modern Ultramaxes (1 built 2015, others built 2012/2013) against something like $86million. Were Setaf in needs for cash ? probably. See more info here :

In case you were planning to order some ships to be built in France, STX France sales is approved by the french Government. see here

What’s going on elsewhere out of France ?

Bdi is closing the week with Capers able to somehow stop the decline and all other sizes remaining fairly steady. Once again on the handies, ECSA market is the center of attention for owners, looking for money… Cargill is reported having fixed dely Up River to Bejaia mv ‘cmb mae’ 34kdwt at $13,500/daily. Converted into voyage with the usual 7,000satnoonshex and 2,500th5pmSun8amhex bss 32’ swad at disch this leads to a freight around $38usdpmt. Knowing 10 days ago it was paid $5pmt less. Knowing also the corresponding route on the index gained today close to $200. Worth to notice the BIOGRAD (37kdwt) fixture from Plate to West Coast South America at $17,000 daily is also a rather good number for owners, especially if owners have a contract ex Chile to keep the ship busy for the next run.

Continent remains also fairly firm, with still, and usual few Grains cargoes being on the market to heads up to Northern African countries. Ferts, steel and scrap demand is taking the relay to the grains and making owners remaining confident to obtain more than last done.

Blsea, for instance 25,000mt ex nikolayev to morocco with grains (wheat?) discussed around $12/13pmt bss free da’s at load.

Maybe a report which may be able to summarize quite well current Handy Supra market would the Q1 2017 PacBasin report which has just been published and you can find here

Have a lovely week-end and we remain at your disposal, and we are pleased to confirm you there is no French strike in the pipe at Pelagos for the next couple of days. What about Monday ? sub the weather.




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