bull and beer are market fundamentals right?


I won’t disclose anything as it came public, or so, Dreyfus 2016 results can be found in any good newspaper (except the Sun). Trust most of the readers here, charterers, owners, brokers, mum, would be happy to be able to present such kind of results in a « challenging market conditions, worsened by volatility working against some market fundamentals ». Everything is said in this little sentence… or maybe to the contrary nothing is said ! as I think we could read exactly the same sentence in an owners yearly financial report or a major brokers’ house yearly financial report. Should you want to read more into details about Dreyfus performance, please open the link here. .

As we are in transportation environnment, worth to mention « 81millions tons shipped to destination, remained stable ».

Converted into Handies it equals to 2,900 ships / into supras something close to 1,600 / into Panamaxes about 1,100 / into capers only bit more than 500 ships. No mention about the evolution of the ton/mile of the cargoes transported which would give a better vision how Dreyfus have impacted the shipping market.

Marketwise, the famous Rouen to Algeria bulk wheat which has been done in Feb 2016 close to (or at) $11.00 is now hovering in the « high tens » and owners do not hesitate to indicate at $24 or even $25 pmt. Are they anticipating market raise, or just doing their job the right way to try to influence the players to pay up ? converted into Time Charter equivalent the high ten’s are giving close to $10,000 to owners dop Arag. Handy continent market is fairly firm and ships still have quite a lot of choice on their plates (destination, commodity). Black Sea seems to be softening a bit with bit less enquiries on the handies seen and as often just need one owners to give up resisting to please charterers for a quick fixture.

ECSA, rumour of $12,000 on a 33/34kdwat being fixed dely recalada to Wmed tend to prove market there is remaining fairly active. USG is still the area where owners are left with very little choice and once they decide to go on a cargo, to be the lucky performer they have to discount their freight … before another one doing such.

What’s going on on the containers ? have a look at the index on this specific ships, they’re raising quicker than ever

Have a nice afternoon, evening, and in case you’re wondering about Pelagos’ 2016 performances, we are pleased to tell you, we managed quite well to go through 2016 in challenging market conditions, worsened by volatility working against some market fundamentals and we are still here to help you to fix your ships / cargoes. That’s what really matter right ?





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