old fashioned is not only a cocktail but can also be a sort of panic in #shipping

« Glad to welcome the good old fashion Panic » As a friend owners said yesterday while hearing about the ultramax being covered at « low $20,000 for a trip from North Spain to China ». According to market comments and index, the panic on the Capers did not last long enough to sustain index and fixtures done on the upward trend.

But Supras and handies are getting somehow nuts…

In a today’s report, we can read, « brokers having very little information to share », the conclusion is therefore « a slow end to the week »… I would have another analysis, « brokers having lot of firm cargoes/ships on their plate they don’t have much time for sharing their infos » as, as mentionned earlier this week, brokers get their money from the fixtures done, rarely from the market information they share to market analysts. Brokers would be paid as advisers, consultants they would have to do this piece of work, it’s not the case.

Here an interesting picture on the new building/scrapping ships activity. I’m still trying to figure out on the chart « Recycling destinations » if the author know where is Turkey and China… Probably a mistake done by the authors, too many ships to sell / buy to have time to double check their maps !

And finally, not much talks about Brexit in our shipping adventure this week, this is repaired with the text here from a small broking house

have a nice week-end.




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