fix and drink for free. Shipping promo of the day. Who’s in?

Marketwise a kind of a positive week for owners is ending. BDI raise (+ 110) mainly driven by Capers (+624), when Panamaxes ladies to the contrary losing momentum (-103), Supras stable (-5) and handies showing their capacity of resilience and slowly but firmingly ( ?) above 500 mark (+13). BHSI routes are all on positive trend. HS3 (ecsa to skaw pass) facing difficulties to reach the 10,000 daily despite all fixtures we have seen / heard/ done this week on this route are all with 5 digit numbers. They are also mainly done on 33/35kdwat when handies index types remain on the 20th century’s type, ie 28kdwat ladies.

Despite good efforts from 99.5% of Owners to keep up the momentum, remaining 0.5% are either sleeping (instead of following the market) or for sure they’re doing their best to heavily discount their ships to get the fixture done and proving to charterers somehow it’s always worth to be patient and stick to their initial ideas. Are the same owners the ones investing in new Buildings ? See the chart at the bottom of this article : new buildings back in the loop

In short, source VesselsValue

  • in 2017 close to 55million dwt is said to hit the water
  • when only 3.5million is said to hit the « Bangladesh beaches ».
  • if I’m right more than 51Million dwt shall be at sea by the end of the year
  • in 2018, too early to say how much are sold to scrap, close to 20millions are in the books for new buildings.

In the meantime, according to this article, secondhand bulk prices « have rocketed over the past 13 months » (13 months ago, secondhand ships were really really cheap) and trully investors with pockets plenty of $ shall not have to think for too long whether it’s better pay $22.8m for brand new Kamsarmaxes (82,000dwt) or $14.5m for similar lady but already 8 years old. At least in the new building they’ll be able to choose the colour of the curtains in the master’s cabin aside of making sure the new buildings will be in line with all IMO regulations.

On grain trading, Black sea expected hit in shipping grains for the weeks to come might not be as easy and simple as expected. See bloomberg article here

On Commodity side, Reuters (and so Ameropa)  decided to announce the day before St Patrick’s day (today) the shutting down of their malting barley trading firm Interbrau. last order please This is what we call good timing… knowing today’s being a kind of a day for beer sellers (and beer drinkers), check out few facts here

Have a nice afternoon, day. And few pints of Guinness on my account if we manage to fix today (even next Monday is fine – I know I’m crazy)








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