Some Soccer’s fan (barca ones apparently) nicely teased us this morning about yesterday’s BARCA/PSG soccer game the only inspiration I have from this is to say Market seems to be following Barca’s trend and doing his own Remontada. Up to « historical » maybe not… Anyway,

  • charterers reading this report will surely fully deny this statement about the market stating it’s just a little correction.
  • For sure also Owners reading this report will fully agree and probably some of the Greek ones will even say « Shipping market inspired Messi and Neymar and we showed them, even where there is theorically no hopes for victory, you have to have faith in your abilities and you’ll make it, look at what we do with our ships».
  • For sure brokers reading will have a mixed opinion. If brokers being based in Paris, trust it’s too early for them to make any definitive assessments

If this PSG/BARCA soccer is not ringing your bell, you can read here : R E M O N T A D A

And if you’re willing for more specific info on the shipping/chartering market, you can give us a call, tomorrow please.




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