firming up chartering market medicines

In today’s reports (namely BMTI), we could read there is a $1,000 gap between chrtrs ideas for their pallice to Mauritius trip, Vs owners ideas (respectively mentionned at $7,500 / $8,500). Converted into Voyage terms, when charterers would aim to fix very close to $30usdpmt owners are more in a mid $30usdpmt’s mood. Of course, these estimates must be taken « wog » as the requirement is said to be for a 25/35’000dwt ship and obviously the intake and stow plan will make a big difference in a way or the other. Same gap (on daily hire) seems to be in the air for handies ex continent to Wmed, which converted into voyage is ending to be around $1.25/1.50pmt.

30,000mt grains constanza to Span med, said being done at $12.50 by « lucky » major charterers. According to us, it’s giving something around $6,900 daily passing Canakkale bss 6000xbends. When as a comparison, today’s bdi reporting ‘Ikaria Island’ 1997 32,211 dwt dely Canakkale prompt trip redel Eygpt Mediterranean $7,500 daily. Same ship to call india would be worth $10/11,000 daily.

We can only agree with the statement made also by BMTI’s guys today view Pacific Basin firming up, as a result, on the Supras and bigger, ballasters from India (or further) to ECSA will probably be a scarce commodity.

To conclude on the figures, the last fixture reported in BDI yesterday was a 53kmt 10% cargo of grains ex USG to North China being done bss 10,000x/8,000x at $39 is not only a very nice commission for the broker involve, but also almost the double of freight compare to his lowest ever, something like 1 year ago this trade was done tick above 20usdpmt.

To conclude this report, don’t forget to (especially today) RESPECTFULLY salute women being in your surrounding.

Nothing comparable, but when it comes to fixing ladies, we can be your guys.








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