do successful shipping people need to be bipolars?

Here you have a summary of the week done by some (surely) well connected people, ie Baltic Index. on the handies, when everybody’s (or most of the people) are saying « ECSA is the next hot spot »  BDI is mentionning a 34,000dwt fixed at $10,000 daily. BMTI’s even mentionning « 35,000dwt @ $11,500 daily from Plate to the Wmed. » but they also add “sbm 20,000mt to Greece were done at around $30/mt on a 30,000dwt“… If you happen to have the terms on this SBM cargo, I would be interested to get them to run the math, but from here these figures does not really match. (ie unless very quick terms or free da’s somewhere $30/mt shall hardly give $10,000 daily.

All in all, + $10,000 daily on these sizes of shis is starting to be quite a good number for owners. But talking here with owners having ship(s) open there, they’re confident market is moving up and are claiming showing quite a lot of interest on their ships but the freight proposed so far is not really reflecting their expectations.

(by the way, it’s probably a standard in our industry, Owners always seeing the market up when charterers to the contrary always seeing market slowing down. What about the brokers’ vision in between ? I would be tempted to say,it depends to whom they are talking to… Owners or Charterers, but obviously I can’t write it down, it would mean by extension, brokers has no opinion, only thing which matters is to go in the same direction to the one they are actually talking to).

Said in few words, it’s charterers turn to resist as far as they can to avoid making the market going up. Talking with Operators, they don’t really know on which feet they shall stands. On one hand they have ships to fix (and aiming for the money), on the other hand they have cargoes in their books to execute (and aiming for the cheap solution).

As a bipolar brokers/operator friend would say « I hate being bipolar, it ‘s awesome ».

Have a nice afternoon/evening/ week-end and as brokers, I agree with your market’s point of view, all in all I think you’re right







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