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« low 20usdpmt for 30’000mt grain from finland to Algeria » was mentionned yesterday. Taking Naantali being the loadport, knowing it’s a port subject to ice, basis 6,000 sshex at load and 2,500sshex at discharge would give to owners around $7,500 daily dely Skaw and putting aside ice risk and with no extra days for weather in owners estimation. This « low 20usdpmt » seems to us anyway quite aggressive view the number of handy Ferts cargoes we can see popping up ex Baltic to USG or ECSA. Destination which shall be reasonably more attractive for owners open in the northern Continent/baltic area. Anyway this to be compared to $6250 which seems to be obtainable dop ARAG to Algeria via french Atlantic port on modern Handy, converted into voyage this is worth $14.50/15.00pmt.

This also to be compared to the $7,500 daily obtainable from Northern Continent to Emed with Scrap. Heading to EMED/BLSEA is a kind of a bet from Owners. Situation outthere remains fairly unbalanced with quite few tonnage still open around and grain cargoes getting out slowly (on handies). Rough weather ((or crap inland logisticis) or both ?) leading also to quite heavy congestion. For instance, we know a ship which was fixed begining of february is still in the line up, waiting for her turn to load. This is somehow a good news for owners having ships waiting for their turns… bit less of a good news for charterers in needs for quick movements to supply their plants.

BLSEA and Handy still, 30,000mt of grains to Spanishmed, as usual, 2usdpmt spread between owners ideas ($13.5pmt) and charterers ones. These 2usdpmt meanings something like $1,500 daily difference basis dely Canakkale.

ECSA, on handies, Owners are fairly confident the market is (and will be) stronger in the next weeks. 6 to 7 dollars per ton are the difference between charterers ideas and owners ones. When charterers have already added couple of USD versus their last done. Local market picking is a fact, up to owners today’s ideas I remain doubtful, except for the lucky owners having ships able to tender nor before 28th feb taking advantage of charterers who missed the train of planification ahead.

What else to say about our fantastic shipping and chartering world ?

This analysis here done by Paul Slater is rather interesting. In short it says charterers may have to pay in a way or the other the poor financial situation faced by Owners to make sure their goods/commodities will be delivered at final destination. (as this financial hand will not come from commercial banks anymore). Paul proved in the past being able to bring right analysis about market situation, bit of over doing probably while saying on 30th june 2009 «  I think that nearly half the public shipping companies will be insolvent in the next 12 months » but still right while on same day he declared about Eastwind «the chapter 7 filling is the « first of many to come »». If you’re willing to read his full comments made on this sunny and inspiring Tuesday 30th of june 2009, just read this visionary comment.

Finally another strategic info, worth to be shared: « As of 1st nov 2016, Please be advised that the port and city ILYICHEVSK has been renamed to CHERNOMORSK due to decommunisation. All berth names and numbers remained as previously named ».  CHERNOMORSK  is also a nice summer holiday destination as the picture can show you (but we don’t really care in a chartering market report). Shipping is also about being aware.

In case you need ship(s)/cargo(es)/ freight guidance ex Chernomorsk don’t be shy and propose





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