chartering, what’s going on?

We could read in some market reports « in continent charterers (looking for handies) have a good choice of tonnage » and we have to say we tend to disagree with this statement. As yes, handies are around but we have also seen few cargoes emerging from Continent/baltic giving bit more choice to owners on their 28+kdwt. Also it seems we are in the middle of a change of grain season. With SBM program ex ECSA which shall kick off, Wheat ex Argentina almost over, Grains ex Black Sea still quite an heavy program to go but weather conditions still seems to be slowing down movements.

on the charterting side, with a larger scope, it seems we need also to focus on what’s going on on the FEAST/ASIA side of world. Activity outthere seems to be picking up, which may lead to a more balanced market. Is it just a small blip for End of feb bookings or is the market on his way to be bit more exciting for owners ? is probably the today’s question.

BDI, 5th session in a raw with positive trend which is somehow a good news.


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