excited does not necessarily means exciting.

From Continent: 25’000 mt wheat rouen to tunisia reported done at 18usdpmt. Assuming bss 10’000/2000x bends and basis 3.75ttl com this gives a Time Charter equivalent at US $ 6’000 on handy index type (with the low sulphur consumption in the river). On this basis, same cargo to Algeria with 2’500x out shall be worth US$ 14.60pmt. With same money, same rational, charterers may come out on the market with a 30’000 10pct quantity shall be able to find out a taker close to US$ 14.00. Rare enough to be mentionned nowadays another grain requirement is seen on the market ex Rouen with Bulk barley 37/38.800 mt Bulk Barley sf abt 54 wog Rouen + La Pallice or Dunkerque / Aqaba (10.80 m SW). A trade for a supra most probably.

From Black sea: apparently the $0 dollar baby mv ‘explorer’ mentioned yesterday done by bunge ex niko to Spain Portugal range is gone under 5-6 months period in the mid US $5’000daily. This is still not explaining what’s behind the deal to agree such a low freight/time charter equivalent. Black sea still, owners (and brokers) better off not falling asleep and hesitating for too long if they wish to have a go on the requirements which are put on subs on a fairly quick pace.

From USG: It seems index on the BHSI bit late compared to the physical market, if not late let’s say disconnected with reality. Today BHSI HS4 is showing US$8,971 (and back below the $9,000 mark) when rates which are likely to be obtained from charterers on the same route seems more into the Us$ 8,000 daily.

From ECSA: It also keep sliding down, beginning of this week grain stem equivalent to the HS3 route was fixed at Time Charter Equivalent at US $ 7,500, when today US $7,250 shall not be a surprise.

From FEAST: I don’t know and I have no shame to say. But of course shall you have a cargo or a ship open their, we will manage to have some ideas and guidance, against bit of time to get in. Today BHSI is showing finally a +3 after steep decline since beginning of this year. The positive trend is only due to the revival of the FEAST market with local routes getting bit more excited (still bit more to do to become exciting).

Anything else? Yes, as always.

Q1 is when listed companies are showing off their results. Do you want some on owners’ side. Scorpio managed to come with a loss of something like US $ 125Million. More details here if you fancy scorpio results 2016

few noticeable figures from their report? yes check below

« TCE Revenue Earned during the Fourth Quarter of 2016

  • Our Kamsarmax fleet earned $7,401 per day
  • Our Ultramax fleet earned $7,238 per day

Voyages Fixed thus far in the First Quarter of 2017

  • Kamsarmax fleet: approximately $8,414 per day for 75% of the days
  • Ultramax fleet: approximately $8,479 per day for 73% of the days »

New building program

  • $5million savings done on the back of shipyards about to deliver 2 kamsarmax in 2017

If you’re wondering what they have in their books in their “Newbuilding program” have a look at the article. Maybe this program shall be renamed “Building New debt program” but I’m not a specialist.

Have a nice afternoon, evening, morning, night wherever you’re located/whenever you read this report.





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