ships appearing like golf players after the rain


BHSI managed to lose 8% this week with HS4 down by 13.5% and HS3 down by nearly 15% As a result

CONTINENT :30’000 mt agri prods dunkirk to morocco (trust bss 10’000x/5’000x) on a modern 35kdwat able to load 32’000mt seeing $12.50/12.75 = $8,700/8,500 // Aiming $12.00 = $7,700 daily dely Arag… so now you know why sometime it’s difficult to grasp the missing 25cts!

BLSEA : quite a few hidden ships in the area popping up on fresh requirement like golf players after the rain.

golf-2 (look here, another ship)

Canakkale to Wmed with grains, trust the market is now very close to $6,000 dely on a handy size via ice free Port in Blsea. Same Ex Canakkale to Wafr, Weco reported fixed on « Miltiades II’ 2006 30535 dwt dely Iskenderun prompt trip redel West Africa $6,350 daily” – to be comparable « passing canakkale » with the Sometra fixture mentionned $7,250 (but my network states it’s more likely to be $7,000) you need to add couple of days in your calcs (Iskenderun to Canakkale being 680nm).

ECSA : Remember earlier this week 30+kdwat Oriana c was reported done at $8,000 upr to Wmed, handy index type. For similar trade is seem to be worth $7,500 and to end up in continent chrtrs now talking $6,500 daily. $7,500 being Today’s value for this route. HS3 made the great performance to manage to lose $1’267 in 5 business days (15% of her value)

USG : $9,000 aps to Continent is rumoured to be the new benchmark on index type lady, seems to us bit sharp if we stick to indexes but as you know it may not be the first time indexes being bit behind the physical market.

EAST : crap enough to be noticed, Backhaul to USG is worth $500 daily and same but to WAFR is worth $1,500 daily. That’s kind of nice.

Once the above is done and understood, not much inspiration left to be able to entertain you for 10 more minutes. To the contrary should you have firm cargo(es), ship(s) you’re willing to be covered before the end of the week, don’t by shy and don’t hesitate to entertain us for the remaining hours ahead of us before the week-end (which we can postpone if really needed). And don’t forget Monday market will go rocket high with the chinese coming back.


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