time to invest in shipping? ask the planets


Astrology is a good expertise while advising about investing in shipping as per Baltic Exchange article proposed today.

“The nine planets are aligned”, time to invest then. This is according to Baltic Exchange linked here : 9 planets says : INVEST

Interesting analysis proposed by Andrew Hampson on the link above. If I may add a couple of comments

  • Maybe the Shipping planet system is bit more than a 9 planets.
  • Maybe some planets which are not counted down in the demonstration can put down the whole planets plan.

What if this planet is called « shaky economic outlook a concern »?

Talking about shaky economic outlook you can make up your mind (whether it’s time to invest or nor) by reading this article proposed by same people but posted on line on 27th january 20107 the 10th planet says maybe everything won’t be as easy…

Looks like it’s been a very busy and succesful week-end on the Baltic Exchange team.

Whatever experts say I remember about one year ago (March 2016 some others assests managers where coming to exactly the same conclusion : « Time to invest in shipping and time to buy second hand drybulk ships ».


And between us, let’s not be naive:

  • Very few assets managers in shipping will declare « guys, keep you money, we’ll find a better timing to invest in shipping »…
  • a bit like brokers, very few of them will say « no, let’s not fix this cargo/ship now, let’s wait for better days and you’ll make a better fixture next week/month »…
  • A bit like the car sellers, none of them will tell you « think twice, do you really need the brand new BMW I can sell you now ? very openly, I invite you to think again and come back to me next week ? »

For those of you who are running ships right now it’s for sure a tough task to make money out of the chartering activity. This week is likely to be fairly quiet (eventhough you don’t trade with chinese) and should you need a bit of a picture of what’s going on, you can still call us and we’ll try to evaluate in good faith if you have to fix it today or wait for tomorrow.


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