week-end is NOW can still read this before / during your break

Rare enough to be mentionned according to BMTI a SBM cargo has been fixed in the low 20usdpmt ex Lagos to Russia. According to the quotations we received here, could be this one : 25-30,000 MT 10 % MOLOO BULK SOYA BEANS LOAD : 1 SB 1 SP LAGOS LOADRATE : 3,000 SHINC / CHOPT 3,000 FRI 1700 – MON 0800 DISCH : 1-2 SB(S) 1 SP KALINGRAD DISRATE 7,000 SHINC L/CAN 20-30 JAN 2017 FRT TO BE BSS 1/1  INCLUSIVE OF EWRI FREE D/A IN NIGERIA ONLY

To many options mentioned in the cargo requirement to be able to run some accurate estimate to try to find out the Time charter Equivalent.

According to BMTI still, « hanjin bankruptcy is said to have the same devastating potential of Lehmann Brothers in 2008 »… I’m honestly not quite sure this is/will be the case. Remember Lehmann Brothers drama was on front pages of all economics newspaper… Hanjin remain an unknown company for most of the world population (and journalists).

Glad to see BTMI is making some comments on the BHP brokersfree plateform… said with a different tone, the story and analysis remain somehow the same as what I proposed you yesterday. (Maybe BMTI’s reading my prose who knows)

BHP Billiton again… is it time to do some « BHP bashing » ? as a broker I don’t risk much being banned from their panel because of this anyway. Maybe, (repeat Maybe), BHP is planning to put aside 1.25% of each fixture they’re going to make in the future to clean the mess left in Brazil 16 months ago. See more info here

Bunkers ? When OPEC members doing their best to control the overall world production, USA are doing the exact opposite « U.S. oil production, however, has risen by around half a million bpd since mid-2016 to 8.96 million bpd, offsetting significant amounts of any OPEC-led supply cut. »

What else? Tomorrow is the start for new Chinese year, so let’s wish them some great festivities (when we’ll be all bored at the office for 1 week), and in case you managed to make and save some money in 2016, and you’re wondering where to invest, some Feng shui visions are proposed here to go together with the « Rooster year » how to cook the rooster

xīn nián kuài lè


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