Blue monday in shipping? no way

Do you know the concept of blue Monday ? It’s said by English scientists to be the most depressing day of the year. blue monday? with all due respect to english readers, I’m not quite sure we shall get into this game. Marketwise, we are seeing a rise again on the BDI, mainly driven by Capers and, important to say, not erased by the little sisters. BHSI fall is slowing down and realistically it seems most of the routes have reached their new bottom, to start again going up. The BHSI vizualizer proposed by BMTI is showing quite well this. It tooks 1.5months to the BHSI to move from somewhere Close to 425 up to touch above 600 and less than 3 weeks to get back below 475points.  Eventhough we can still see spot ships on the physical market worth also to notice Owner’s are resisting and not willing to do below last done. On the grains, ECSA was (is ?) said to be the next loading area however severe drought seems to be impacting the Soya Crop and delaying the delivery to ports.

Hoping you’re full of energy and optimism for the week ahead of us. We remain at your disposal; tomorrow shall be a better day.



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