Too good to last?

Really, too good to last? Let’s ask Bonnie Tyler? Bonnie

  • Is the november/december market pike over?
  • Are we back again to experience long and losy January & february chartering market, as we experienced in 2016 ?

Very franckly, to our understanding the whole market situation now is looking much better than 1 year ago. Yes index are down but who could reasonably believe the trend seen end of 2016 could keep going this way for long ? As already said and mentionned, market players were caught by surprise with the upward and reasonably what’s hardly predictable and explainable can not last and keep going.

On the physical market, the downward correction is by far less impressive than on the index. Owners are resisting as far as they can and discussions on firm buisness are showing being more balanced than the current index might show.

On the commodity/chrtrs side

  • owners maybe able to guess from where the next wheat stems are going to be moved world wheat crop outlook
  • Cofco new boss, so call Johnny, former vice-president, did his introduction speech in Chinese. Does it mean it’s a first step in these trading houses to see more chinese folks being at the head of the structure or does it mean Cofco will re-focus on his core business ie focus on domestic chinese food supply cofco revised ambitions?

on the ships/owners side

  • Maersk oil is cutting 160 jobs cutting jobs 1
  • According to Lloyds J. lauritzen is cutting 15% of their shore based staff

Finally on the Trump’s front, some news about US transportation Department

trump and transport

Finally, on the chartering side, handy of grains to West Africa, understood from Germany to Abidjan on prompt dates, modern handy being discussed in the mid 8’000usd daily passing ushant or so.

Willing for more info, we remain at your disposal.


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