Today’s indexes are not bright and yes the post christmas break correction is kind of hammering. Look like the market’s waking up with a hangover from December party. Meantime we are seeing a busy Monday. Quite a lot of fresh enquiries popping up here from atlantic and on each fresh requirement we have to say, quite few ships being workable and asking for ideas and guidance. BHSI visualizer attached is somehow selfexplanatory, and today BHSI index back below the 500pts cap.

Grains from Continent to Wafr is kind of trendy today with 3 fresh enquiries, 2 with handies 1 with supra (up to my knowledge of course) .  Interesting to notice, in november/december these requirements where made ex Black sea. So either the freezing black Sea is making the FOB price not flying or traders managed to get the right Grain quality from continental Europe… (probably both happened… commodity price + Freight + Quality).  Talking about Black Sea, on the grains, from Russia, we’ve been given to understand more than 1.2M tons of grains were exported in December.


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