how to double your income in few minutes? trick for shipowners

-Thinking outside the box-

All bright people (the ones which are very good to give you expensives advises (in which case, we shall say « very good to sell you expensives advises » or you can also call them “consultants”) often come up with ready made phrases such like :

  • « don’t miss the window of opportunity »
  • « Never forget the bottom line »
  • « don’t forget to be agile »
  • « your success depends on your abilities to think outside the box »
  • « Be prepared for the digital revolution »
  • « need to have an helicopter view » (the really modern advisers now saying « drone view »)

Their coming with lots of bright ideas which will, if you apply them on your daily business, bring you straight to the summit of success. G U A R A N T E E D.

My favorite one is « your success depends on your abilities to think outside the box ». Today for free, I’m bringing an easy idea for owners. They trully shall think over twice to double their income.

What do you get today against a $632’000 freight bill ? The payment for logistic solution to load with your nice ship something like 30’000mt of bulk agri prods from Black Sea icy port to be discharged somewhere in Med.  Or same from Continental port to West Africa or 25’000mt from USG to Med.

Does it pay all owners bills ? It shall today but not much left for the butter in the pastas.

Is it easy money ? Yeah sure no doubt on this. Once you have handled the crewing, the water ballast management, the special surveys, the air pollution controls, the ITF inspections, the pirats in Gulf of Guinea, the yellow fever, the discussion with your banks (I might forget few, please forgive me). But come on it’s fun easy and free of any risks. Right ?

No need to ask if Owners would be ok to double their income. So start wondering what else can you sell at $6320’000 ? Start thinking outside the box.

Here come my outside of the box idea. Did you know that for $632’000 you get a tuna. See here bluefin tuna  Ok it’s kind of nice 212kg tuna, but come on. It remains a fish ; a fish swimming under your ships. No more no less. So dear owners, follow my advise, give a $1’000 check to your captain, ask him to go to the fisherman shop close to the local agents office at her current port, ask him to buy the strongest fish lines couple of hook, anything else needed for trolling, and here you go. Take your chance. If you’re captain is good and lucky, he gets a Bluefin tuna and you double your income on this voyage. If not, he’ll get some containers lost at sea and who knows what he can bring back on board (some says up to 100’000 containers/year are lost at sea). If he’s just ok, he’ll get food for free for the crew. Which ever the case, you’re the winner and for sure he’ll thank you for the fun and the nice idea.

If I may give another advise, in case you get the Bluefin tuna, you can still put a spare piece to be sent to your good charterers but be carefull the most greedy ones might ask for a 50% share out of the money you made, claiming thanks to their voyage instructions you managed to catch this $632’000 piece of meat. Probably wiser to send the spare part to your favourite broker, I’ll handle the stuff the right way. Promise.

Shall we talk about the freight market today ? Franckly speaking I don’t think so, what’s the point now we have found other ways to make money. But in case you still fancy to get info, you can go through BMTI and pick information you need. You  can also contact us on skype, email, phone, whatsapp, tribe, twitter, mobile (no, not on tinder sorry).

Have a nice week-end and you’re very welcome.



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