Handy shipping market – some update- & 1 suggestion let’s tide up the calendar

Good day good morning,

About handies players, seems owners came back from Christmas break bit quicker than charterers and traders -Brokers ? the good shops, never take a break as you know, dedication, dedication-.

  • Ex Continent ‘Usual’ grains 30’000mt bulk grains from France to Algeria is being discussed (and done) at 1.50usdpmt below level done before christmas. Converted into tce this means a discount by something like 1’200usd daily bss our own calculations and compared to pre-christmas level.
  • Baltic, is somehow fairly slow, orthodox countries will go through their own Christmas this week and same applies in black sea areas.
  • Baltic and Black sea, it’s bit obvious, but no arm to say, business which are including potential icy ports must be watched carefully by charterers and owners ; Once again, areas can be free of ice at the time of fixing and full of ice at the time of sailing out. So it’s somehow a nice thing to get in the port, it’s even better for all parties involved to be able to leave the port once loaded (and only once loaded)
  • From Argentina, on the handies also, the HS3 on a 33/34kdwat is looking like being worth something along usd 12’000 daily today. When according to our records the same route was worth usd 14’000 daily just before the break.
  • Finally USG, still on the handies, seems to be the kind off big loser for this 2017 starter with not much cargoes being around and eventhough I have no specific firm info on trade done lately, but it’s looking like the USD 15’000 mentionned before christmas are gone away with Santa Claus and now heading somewhere around usd 11’000/11’500 daily

Trust it’s too early to go to the panic room. Let’s say Traders are becoming like diesel engine, long to warm up but once got the to right temperature, they’ll become unstoppable. Also looking at big ladies, namely the Capers, they are still on the upward movment. Is it to already anticipate next probable Market slow down due to end of February Chinese New Year ?

Yes, I came to the same conclusion as yours. The world calendar is bit messy and things need a bit of cleaning. Yes we all agree it’s quite ennoying to realize a third of the world was off for Christmas (so something like the whole word was off) when 1 week after Orthodox countries are having their own parties, then 3 weeks after China will be off also (so something like the whole word will be off also), then another third of the world will be off for Ramadan etc.

If I may suggest a solution , the world shall discuss all together to have only one long break being at the same period for every country, every religion, every tradition :

  • Chinese New Year,
  • Occidental Christmas,
  • Ramadan,
  • Yom Kippour,
  • Labor day,
  • Easter,
  • Diwali…

all shall be set up at the same time over the year so the shipping world know once and for all that there is 2-3 business dead weeks at some time of the year. And once everybody has done their piece of tradition, come back to work… This shall make things easier for all of us. So I see no reason why not suggesting. We need to be innovative and disruptive (that’s what my father told me during the Christmas lunch – my dad is very wise).

No arm to suggest. I let you talk about this to your boss who’s going to talk to his boss and so on, until the boss of the world (god(s)) got the proposal and arrange everything.

I won’t go further in the God/religion things you don’t need this blog to get the info you are after on this purposes.



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