speed is the limit (Part 2)

Not that long ago I was mentioning here the delta between how quick can the traders switch their decisions when it comes to origin from where they book their stems and the ships speed at sea. see here speed is the limit (part 1)

You’ll have notice Thomas Coville, on his fabulous sail boat named Sodebo, have just finished a circumnavigate, on his own, within less than 50 days. The speed average is at 24knots/hour through 28400 nm (which is the normal speed for a modern Containership). For sake of comparison, Jules Vernes is -said to be -burning 120mt of gaz/day while steaming at 18knots…. going above this speed, the engine is -said to be- burning twice this quantity.

one day, maybe, our bulk carriers will be able to go at 24knots/hour. I strongly believe going at quicker pace is surely not the objective of our ships engineers but to the contrary be able to steam at something like 15knots on average while burning less gaz is the objective. Handy index type, one day, might be described as follow:

  • 15knots Laden/ballast on 10mt IFO no diesel at sea
  • when today standard index type is 14knots laden Ballast on 22mt IFO

For sake of keeping me busy on this Boxer day, at Sodebo’s speed here you have average time at sea to perform:

  • Houston to Gib: @14knots = abt 14 days / @24knots = abt 8 days
  • Recalada to Gib: @14knots = abt 16.5 days / @24knots = abt 9,5 days
  • rouen to annaba: @14knots = abt 5.5 days / @24knots = abt 3 days
  • and so on…

In summary, the world would shrink by something like 70%… Thanks god this would not mean the needs of ships being reduced by the same level as ships are already spending more time in their life at ports for loading/discharging, queuing in the lines up/cleaning hold, also we shall not forget bunkering, drydocking, special survey and all these days during which ships are not at charterers commercial disposal.

Finally the story does not say if Thomas Coville were so quick to perform this circumnavigation, being in a rush to eat anything else than these Sodebo’s sandwiches which you can find in French motorways gas stations. Try one of those once and you’ll understand what I mean.







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