pre christmas market report

It’s with great pleasure to realize in the last couple of days how creative and modern our industry is. Coming to the office today was really worth it. Reading the Greetings for the christmas period by emails coming from all over the world. Even offices based in countries where Christmas means at least as much as a open sea port in Switzerland is kind of nice and unexpected. The traditional hand written card sent by courrier has fallen into obsolescence. Killed by the emails. GIF and lovely pictures are all coming in.

That won’t make a fixture for today, but according to the tons of emails we got thanking us for our continuous support in the past year and being sure that 2017 will be even more prosperous I think we shall not worry too much for 2017. I just hope I’ll still be able to find the right balance between fixing like a machine and sending you daily lovely reports.

Talking a bit about the market, if you’re too busy preparing the tomorrow midnight mass, let me give you a quick (very quick one) summary of what’s going on :

.Rouen to algeria with wheat on handies for beg january, discussed something like 2usdpmt below the 10 days ago level

.Blsea to Wmed with grains on handies for beg january, something along tce at USD 8’000 daily canakkale is the today’s money

.Blsea to Wafr, despite loads of ships open around level done is remaining fairly high compared to what we could have expected from market with a « within 45 days repositioning in ECSA »

.Handies ex Ecsa, if you have one for beg january, don’t be shy plse propose, most of them seems to be busy carrying the  1’610’000mt Of grains reported being exported ex Argentina since beg December.

My turn to be creative and to wish you a lovely Christmas to all of you and wishing you to have a very good time with your beloved. (Sorry I won’t be able to come, but my heart will be with all of you).

All the best, have a great time and don’t forget next week… I shall be at the office on monday morning to look after your enquiries (unless santa claus bringing me the PS4 which was on the top of my wish list this year)


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