Ocean pollution, not on purpose

A kind of slow Friday is about to conclude the week. They’re still quite a lot of cargoes open and so ships but seems like the ones which have not been covered this week can wait for the days to come. On the atlantic, Owners remains with their strong ideas when charterers remain with the idea to crack deals ideally below last done. Fresh handy grain enquiry on the continent is seeing quite a lot of proposal with workable ships but the gap between each parties is around us$ 2’000 daily. And none really keen to « split the difference » which is we have to admit a kind of broker trick. Split the difference, make long story short, I do the recap and can go on week-end… and forget the fixture.

Ex USG, we have been given to understand two modern 39,000-dwt bulk carriers has been fixed delivery US Gulf for December dates basis 4/6 months period with an Atlantic redelivery at $11,000 per day. On the black sea front a 33,000 tonner was firm for a trip delivery Canakkale via the Black Sea to the eastern Mediterranean at $10,000 per day.

ECSA, Prompt Handysize ship basis dely Wafr redel Med via ECSA is being conclude in the US$9’500k daily which leasd to something around US$ 13/13’500 daily dely Recalada or south Brazil. If the redelivery is to be done in Peru / Chile then a premium of about US$ 3’000 daily has to come in the package deal from charterers. And when the redelivery is planned on the Spore/Japan range, then something along the US$15’000 daily seems to be market level.

For sure, according to BHSI index, owners open in Altantic basin having no reasons to cut down their proposals. Today’s BHSI keeps pushing up « 2016 highest » figure.  567 today, need to go back to 8th April 2014 to see BHSI being above such level. At that time, for sake of comparison, BDI was at 1’061, BSI at 949. Today’s BDI and BSI are at comparable levels.

On the bunker front, this week-end, Vienna is again the Center of the Oily World with meetings set between OPEC/non OPECS countries, please read more here classical non opec music in vienna . Vienna is not the only oily place in the world. Thanks to Princess Cruises you’ll be pleased to learn that something like they have dumped in the open sea thousands of gallons of oil and waste. It’s not Princess Cruises management fault. the fact that a systematic process for leaving at sea waste and oil was only done by some of their employees initiatives. Princess Cruises management, swearing hand on heart, employees are the ones to be blame… blamed for making the company doing great savings under their own initiatives, without referring to the management. Nice try guys. full story here
princess cruise pollution.
Out of curiosity, I have also checked princess cruise website, and guess what, they are committed to protect environment. Trust their fool employees shall have read this before throwing oil and wast in the ocean

quote from the website: “We are committed to environmental practices that set a high standard for excellence and responsibility and help preserve the marine environment. The ocean provides our livelihood and serves as the home for more than 25,000 of our employees.unquote

trust you should read the full thing it’s really worth it: princess and environment committment once read the NYT article

Finally, eventhough I won’t participate to the Vienna meeting this week, really, no thanks, I insist no thanks, I won’t accept any bribes today. No need to try from me to write good things about you and or your Company in this report. Don’t ask me neither to get a better rate on this fixture against a bit of cash left in my pocket, don’t ask me to produce more or less petrol against a fat bank account in Virgin Islands. We can discuss about this tomorrow, but not today, definitely not as all of you know 9th dec is from United-Nation « International Anti-corruption day » and we have to respect that.

Have a nice week-end and don’t forget, we work shinc here, weather permitting but still shinc.




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