this remains to be seen Hillary.

To merge

definition is, according to Collins dictionnary : « If one thing merges with another, or is merged with another, they combine or come together to make one whole thing. You can also say that two things merge, or are merged »

Collins and the whole web (I checked) are failing to explain me why this verb, -which by essence- needs at least a combination of 2 things/people/Companies, is still grammatically right when declined at the first person singular. Which you recon is quite stupid, unless I managed to merge with myself – but back to the collins definition does not fit anyway.

This being said, merging is the fashion word nowadays in the shipping / commodity markets and generally speaking in business. Not a single week without being informed that broker A has merged with broker B, Owners C has merged with Owners D, Charterers X is merging with charterers Y, Tesla merging with Solar City, Basf and Monsanto (technically this is an acquisition but ok let’s accept it’s about the same), Whichever the nature of the mergers, they always do so to « enhance market shares, by joining forces, we can operate more efficiently and fully integrate our products, while providing customers the best service in the industry, bla bla bla… ». On the web you can even find « merger announcement templates », pretty usefull in case you’re in the process of merging but you’re still wondering what will be the benefit of such. Meantime you still want to make sure your business network (employees?) not challenging too much about your movement.

Even market analysts are merging, STX and Baltic Exchange (again acquisition technically speaking) also today it’s the first market report done by « FreightWorld who merged with BMTI ».  As you can’t see attached, but you can still trust me. what’s said above is becoming true « better, nicer, more informative, sharper etc » to the point that I’m wondering why they’ve not done this before. Maybe (but just an assumption) they did not do it before simply because they did not need to do it. I’m not an expert (I think I have already told you this) but behind this merging magic world, it is commonly accepted that merging is the modest way of saying surviving. If you’re not convinced, I have found a friend proposing you a quite good analysis about the merging processes which are occuring in the Liner industry jellyfish brains  This analysis can surely apply to most of the merging stories you have heard lately in your network eventhough Andrew’s conclusion stating « at the end, you and I always paying at the end », is not necessarly applying every time.

Back on drybulk chartering market, and focusing on the handies, I’m wondering about the « US $ 14’000 daily being fixed for short duration of 3-6 months » mentionned by BMTI as according to what we have been told, modern 32’000dwt lady open continental area went for short period in the US $9’000 daily or according to Baltic Exchange today mv ‘centurius’ 33.6kdwt built 2011 went for 2/3 ll dely Tarragona redel Atlantic a US $ 8’500. Only way to make this US $ 14’000 being somehow realistic would be if this “2-3 months US$ 14’000 ship” is delivered in the USG with World Wide redel option (World wide in this case being the modest way of saying ASIA/FEAST).

Remaining at your disposal whether you’re aiming to fix a ship on period at US $14’000 daily or US $8’500. For us it is about the same as soon as you’re happy, we are. We don’t focus on our short term commission, as you know (until we’ll need to merge, but this is another story)






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