Market report/ black friday promo. 2 for the price of 1 – take your abacus to check discount

Today’s being Black Friday, you have a promo with 2 market reports in the same day.

  • Capers back to where they were early in november.
  • Panamax are not ready yet to follow the big sister path as quite an amount of fresh cargoes shall keep up this segment active in the days to come
  • Supras mainly driven by USG demand.
  • Handies? climbing the trees looking for banana’s.
    • 33kdwat covered at USD 9’000 from Baltic to USG
    • 34kdwat dely cont via baltic /bengladesh redel singapore done at US $11’500 daily
    • 30’000 10pct wheat stem from Constanza to Morocco 7000/4000 @ US $ 13
    • .Handy vessel on subjects delivery Mediterranean tct to USGulf at about US $7,500 daily
    • .37,000-dwt rumored covered dely US Gulf for 1TCT to Continent at a level apparently above $16,000 per day (but exact details remains elusive)
    • 2012 38,109-dwt fixed up river to Algeria at $11,000 per day.
    • 2012 built 38k delivery Brazil trip to Spore/japan range at $15,000.

I’ll switch on my abacus on monday to run some voyage equivalent on some of the above fixtures.

Still few mins to go to make the friday fixing. Anyone?



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