have you ever wondered?

In summary, you’ll find some nice numbers for Owners reflecting the chartering market:

  • Capers, Australian rounds surpassing the US$ 20’000 daily
  • Panamax from Baltic to Northern Africa (med) owners seems to get US$ 17/18’000 daily
  • Nopac rounds on Kmx higher than US$ 10’000
  • Blsea front haul on supras, over US$ 14’000 daily
  • 57’000dwt from USG to WCSA booked at us$ 29’000 daily (yes US$ 29’000)
  • Supra from USG to Med, likely to reach US$ 20’000 daily
  • Ex USG 35’000dwt front haul, hovering around US 15’000
  • Mv ‘Pretty team’ 35kdwt blt 2011 dely Puerto Cabello redel Nigeria via USG done at US$16’000
  • Mv ‘Charmey’ 34kdwt blt 03 dely casablanca redel Brazil via st Law done at US$7’300


Some others figures are bit less exciting

  • Handy ex blsea to Egypt med being worth something like US$7’500
  • Talking about Blsea, last Friday I was running some estimates blsea to Egypt med being something along the US$ 10’000 daily. I was probably bit too generous with owners while running my TCE and after checking again my maths, my abacus and talking with German Owners, we ended up agreeing my assessment « at 10’000usd daily dely canakkale » was a bit reach, by at least US$ 1’500 daily, in this prospect see this Langlois fixture reported in the bdi Mv ‘First Brother’ 33kdwat dely canakkale via blsea redel Egypt Med at US$ 7’750 daily

For sure, there is a big momentum on the chartering market leading tce and freight moving upward very quickly with almost everybody wondering which are the fundamentals making this market movement going up ?

Seeing good numbers for Owners shall be a welcomed news from all players involved in the shipping market, even charterers who may have to face higher numbers than the one registered in the books. It shall be considered as a good news, in general, bringing bit of fresh air to Owners, Owners able to fix above OPEX levels.

On my side, seeing these numbers, after years and years of shipping turmoil I’m wondering which Key Performance Indicators will the experts and specialists set up to monitor the shipping industry situation and declare the shipping crisis being behind us.

  • Is it when the BDI reach a certain level ? then which level ?
  • Is it when BCI/BPI/BSI/BHSI reach a certain level ? which one ?
  • Is it when owners have recovered from their losses ?
  • Is it when tonnage demand will come to the same level as tonnage offer ?
  • Is it a combination of all the above ?
  • s it when Greek Shiprbrokers association will set up again their diner ?

I don’t think we are already at the end of the tunnel, yes maybe and probably some Owners can see the light at the end of the tunnel but we shall all remain vigilant and not kill the bear too quickly ! Lots remains to be done to be back into a sane shipping environment. To start with, should you need to fix something, we can help, don’t be shy.



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