Digital, one way to get out of shipping crisis?

« Road to recovery »… are we on this road ? Bdi over 1’000points, long time ago the indexes did not reach this level. 19th aug 2015 is last time BDI was a 4 digits number. Yes the Capers are pretty well helping the way up, almost 300pts on last Friday, heading to 2303. Capers seems to be taking a little break now.

We can feel on the handies bit more of activity all around, (still hoping BHSI to reach above 500pts in 2016). Black Sea seems to be confirming being bit down (Does the Russian wheat price being up having an impact on this slow down ?) . Continent / Baltic is rather strong with cargoes coming out quicker than ships can sail. Quite few ones being destination USG, which is likely to be a good repositionning – in which case handies owners talking $6’500/7’000 passing skaw – or trip to SEASIA/FEAST which is also a rather good way for Owners to go after the money as above $10’000 daily dop arag seems to be obtainable.

USG, is the place to be nowadays. HS4 (USG to Skaw Passero) still on the way up, above 8’000usd daily, we got the info a modern 39kdwt being fixed from Guyana dop to Black Sea in the mid $8’000. On the bigger ladies, Ultramax USG to China (trust via Panama canal), owners obtaining more than $15’000, when similar lady from East Coast Mexico, to same destination (ie China), is worth $15’000 daily. From USG to East Med with grains, Ultramaxes owners still managing to get DOP deal in the middish $13’000 daily. Knowing the S4A (USG to Skaw Passero) is today at $12’000 and gaining more than $200 today. Handy HS3 (Ecsa to Skaw Pass) is gaining again bit of momentum, at least on the index. Coastal biz on 10 years old handy is being said being done in the $6’000 daily. Handymax doing corn from Argentina to Bejaia is apparently covered @ equivalent to $10’000 daily.

Are you wondering what’s going on on the period ? Be happy, Baltic Index dtd yesterday, was mentionning, panamax index type being covered at or close to $7’500 daily dely Feast redel WW. Same on Ultramax, Noble fixing at $7’150 daily on couple of ladies for something like 1year period.

Appart from that ?:

  • Donald J Trump is the next president being elected in USA (in case you missed this info, one never know)
  • Iron Ore price was up by 27% last week, now dropping by 11%
  • Willing to remain on top on Steel word info, read this one steel in china


Road to recovery ? Bis.

Where is the entrance please ? Willing to know how to adress the shipping crisis ? then don’t read this one,  please don’t read it . I did read it, with full of hope, to find out the missing replies. The title was promising  « WHAT WILL SAVE THE SHIPPING INDUSTRY’ 9 INDUSTRY THOUGHT LEADERS WEIGH IN », but unfortunately the solutions proposed are either well known by all of us (I guess) or creative but not really pragmatic, in short with my comments in the () :

  1. Scrap more ships (who’s starting first ?)
  2. Stop ordering new ships (otherwise scrapping is useless see above)
  3. Invest in digital solutions (invest first then be able to cut operating costs)
  4. Install a gym room onboard (and wifi please)
  5. Change your fueling set up on your ships (invest millions then)
  6. Use modern technology (put your telex to the bin)
  7. Make your clients happy (this will surely adress the crisis)
  8. Be optimistic (you won’t see the crisis with the same upsetted eyes)
  9. Believe in the One Belt One Road chinese initiative (why not ?)

If you don’t believe my summary is what’s proposed by the 9 Industry’s top leaders, you can still check here again.I told you, not worth to read

all in all I find it bit worrying to read -9 top players in our Industry- proposals to make shipping great again. I would be tempted to add a 10th proposal

10. « let’s fix ».

For this you know how to get in touch with us right ?




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