and now, what’s the next plan?

Well, he did it, couple of months ahead of him to put in place his strategy and actions plan to « Make America Great Again ». Maybe we shall think about finding solutions to « Make Shipping Great Again ». (If the statement that America and Shipping happened not to be great lately). We’ll have full of time to see how the trading markets will react to this new american set up. Surely it will have some impacts, as we were reading yesterday the comment made by John Faraclas with his daily market comments  «As you all know we value the effect of the Geopolitical happenings as same completely change everything and influence the shipping trade and the maritime adventure in its entirety. until this moment covered – MIGRANTS, BREXIT, Syrian saga, ISIS, Greece and Europe, the Turkish aggression all over the Eastern Med… as well as the Chinese and other world events remain at the forefront! »

On the spot market, focusing on the Capers, going again close to the 2’000 mark. In 2 days, they gain more than 300 points, volatility on the capers to be compared with rather flattish movements on other sizes. Few fixtures/comments gathered here and there  have raised our attention

  • « from black sea major grain charterers quickly fixed 35’000mt from Ilichevsk to the Spanish Med at just below $12pmt, which equates to about $9’000 dely canakkale », Running some tce here basis 8’000x bends $12pmt is close to $8’200/8’300 on modern Handymax
  • « 25’000mt from Odessa to Venice being discussed along the lines at $12/12.50 bss free Da’s at dischport »  basis 6000x / 5000x and free da’s at disch, $12usdpmt giving on index type something in the $7’500/8’000 depending if we talk 25000 min max of 25’000 + 10% tolerance
  • « USG 27’000mt wheat cargo was put on the market to morocco at $21/22pmt, which is roughly the tce Of $9’000 daily »… sorry but this does not match according to us. Bss Houston to morocco with 8000x/5000x 32’ at disch  either charterers aiming to pay $21/22pmt, in which case the tce is worth around $7’500 , or we say « They are seeing $9’000 daily », therefore the voyage equivalent shall be around $23.50 pmt. Fact is, HS4 is today at $7’625 converted  into voyage equivalent, on such basis, getting us to $21.50pmt
  • Handy owners open in FEAST/ASIA seems to be performing better than supras open in the same area.

Wishing you a great day and great evening again, which is a starter.



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