In land logistic impact shipping


What the point to have the biggest crop ever available for export if the cargo can’t reach the ports?

Worth to keep an eye in black sea was yesterday’s advice. Turkey political uncertainty have not gone away for sure, we were also reading supplying bunker in the area might become a challenge in the week to come due to apparently local fairly bad weather. Read here platts bunker report for those of you planning to do some cheap bunker in Novorrossisk, you need to make your own maths whether it’s better to wait or go away to book a bunker stem without delay. Also, Ukrain is proudly announcing since July  « grain harvest records and millions of tons to be exported ». Ukrainian authorities just forgot to wonder how to move grains from the land to the port silos. See here what’s reported by reuters here ukrainian logistic.

Going through BMTI, reading « off continent steel charterers have been rating 36kdwt in the low $5’000 daily for trip to ECSA », hard to believe owners will jump on these « low 5 » but fairly sure, owners are in the low $6’000 to start discussion. Ex « Santos to Tunisia, 34’000mt of sugar, charterers being proposed 16.50usdpmt » seems to us very sharp, the only way to make it relevant to the current market (something in the mid 6’000 daily)  is to run the estimates, bss 6000satnoonex /4000sshex and we don’t take into account the draft restriction in Tunisia.

Finally in Bmti, today’s a mention on promotional programs tried to be set up by Canal authorities,

  • AMP (Panama) offering environemental premium ranking for instance
  • Suez Canal authorities offering a 3% discount if carriers agree to make payments in advance for 3-5 years (for info Suez tolls for Maersk, MSG a,d CMA GCM is accounting for something close to USD 1.5Billion/year.

I was mentionning this back on 18th october 2016, see here Canal promotion. Keep things simple and I’m still failing to understand the way AMP or Egypt Authorities are thinking. You’re surely cleverer than me, and so the canals authorities

Anyway, in case you’re aiming for a simple fixture, to fit with my simple brain, please do not hesitate to contact us. If it’s a complex fixture, Pelagos will put all his market intelligence in it (namely Jean-Charles), if your voyage needs to go through Suez or Panama (or both!), let’s try to secure a bargain.





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