highest industry standard

No matter whether you’re a big one or just a small player. Samsung was surely not expecting this possibility to be up and running, and so Rio Tinto!

Rio Tinto is moving hundreds of million of tons of cargoes through the sea every year. Is it because they are a major player in this industry they have to face event like this one reported here

« A bulk carrier under charter to a Rio Tinto subsidiary has been arrested in Australia after inspectors found close to no food onboard and that crew had not been paid in months. » ?  full story available here

Or, despite the whole screening process which must be in place to evaluate the seriousness of the owners counter part, not much can be done , on charterers side to avoid such situation ?

According to Splash 24/7 it’s the second time this year, Rio Tinto has to face such situation.

Really does it means nothing can be done to avoid this ?

I would be tempted to say, well, yes this kind of situation can be avoided, just by paying a bit up the freight proposed and instead of going to an Owners who’s giving away his ships against monkey money, go with an owners being bit more expensive, bit more expensive because they do care about the crew, the ship, the environmental performance and all the rest going around the ship.

A quick look at Rio Tinto’s website, in their shipping section states :

« Fleet & Operations has primary responsibility for the acquisition, construction and commercial operation of the owned and chartered fleet. »


«  the goals are also for the ships and crews to achieve the highest industry standards in operational safety, crew health and welfare and environmental performance. »

Well done guys! On Mv ‘maratha Paramount’ it seems you got it to the point.

Still according to Splash 24/7 the ship involved is mv ‘Maratha Paramount’, said open in our system in Newcastle, in Australia. Interesting to see then as of today 6.00pm French time, on equasis, the ship records remains good with no Detention and last inspection, done in Aqaba on aug 3rd was mentionning 3 minor deficiencies, namely:

  • Garbage record book : not as required
  • Cleanliness of engine room : dirty
  • Electrical : broken

Let’s see when and if Equasis will update their records on this specific ship. Unless the information from Splash 24/7 is not relevant, but you can find here posted on youtube couple of days ago… Maratha paramount arrested

So it means, equasis need more than 2 days to update their records…

Anyway if this can happens to Rio Tinto, it also means, this can happen to any charterers on any size, on any route and view how the shipping market is performing today, it’s not the first time and won’t be the last.

What else ? as today I decided not to talk too much about grains, you can find some info found here and there on the mining companies

mining business

On the chartering side, index are doing the yoyo. BDI’s today back to 906 and only Panamaxes are managing to go up a bit and if you want more precise info to get into your next tender, you know where and you can get in touch with me…



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