let’s invest on Mars?

We all will admit shipping is a great industry, could be greater with bit more of Money into the system, but still, it’s great and whichever the money in, the stress remain the same and we all have also to admit, this stress is fueling the greatness of our job.

Are bankers stressed is the next question, for sure they’re taking some steps to get less exposure in the other part of our business. However, according to the charts inserted in this article they’re getting less revenue thanks to commodities investments.


If the same chart is available called “shipping pain – Bank’s shipping revenues dropping again this year” is available somewhere, please do not hesitate to pass it over here so I can share it with this community of readers.

Finally, some sharp guys from the Macquarie global equities team are suggesting to invest not where we are but somewhere else, namely on the Mars Planet. It sounds like a great idea, I let you go through this one and please bare in mind distance from Earth to Mars planet is only 75.3Million kilometers. Main question left for shipowners willing to consider is shall we go their at Normal or Eco speed?


On the chartering side, stress is back on Owners’ shoulders, at least on the handy on the Atlantic side. Ships seems to be piling up quicker than they got covered. Handy scrap ex North Continent to Emed, charterers did not take to much time to find a candidate in the 7’500usd pdpr for a quick 20/25 days business heading to Emed. Meantime as usual, players overdoing it and unless any changes in between today Cofco from blsea to South Spain is still here and charterers will probably either to be patient before finding their USD 11.50pmt candidate or they might have to re-consider their freight up a bit. For sure, from this area to Wmed, with tight dates we are seeing tce close to USD 7’000 dely canakkale.

According to BMTI, in the East, 22.50usdpmt are proposed from Panjang to Continent (meanings about 30 days at sea).

As said earlier, hopes were put in the USG area, owners may become bit more reluctant to call USA in the month to come as the US Coast Guard are said to be extra cautious, with more and more ship controls about oil and air pollution. The upward on the freight market, might not come from the increase of cargoes to be shipped but from more and more costs applying to owners for running their ships correctly. At the end, this shall only lead to charterers paying up the freight but owners profit to remain negative as additional freight is off set by incremental costs. As an Owners were telling me today, “at some stage, charterers need to understand to have their cargo being duly shipped as per voyage terms, and the grain cargo not to end up feeding the fishes, owners need to have some money from the freight, money to be put back in ships maintenance”. This is very true however we are in a shipping market, with prices being set by offer and demand, like in any fish market around the world.

Remaining at your disposal for trying to find you the perfect ship for your perfect cargo et vice et versa.



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