Quiet day on chartering. Surely due to North Korea being under national holidays

kind off no bones to bite on the chartering side today so let’s go for a ride on the web to try find out some interesting information

on owners’ side:

Precious: scrapping 3 other handies bringing the number of ships to the demolition at 10 so far for 2016 for these owners. The last ship sold for scrap is Parinda Naree 23700dwt blt 1995. on a larger scale you can have a look at this article here, about Newbuilding orders and dry bulker scrapping both in sharp slowdown scrap Vs new deliveries with few quote from the article here “For the overall dry bulk market, the picture is largely similar to the Capesize sector as about 20.7 million dwt of capacity left the market due to scrapping in 1H16 compared with 22.1 million in 1H15. The 2H15 saw 9.7 million dwt, and so far in 3Q16 we have only seen about 1.1 million dwt”

on the traders world:

Noble and Olam… to rescue each others? Noble and Olam
Europe might need an English hand on the wheat. Out of a sudden European politics might want a Brexit process to be rather slow than ASAP as hopped end June by few great présidents known for their long terms view. an English hand for European cereals

Russian’s wheat production in one chart https://twitter.com/GroIntel/status/763991820061728768?lang=fr

African wheat consumption and production in one chart african wheat production/consumption

 on the commodities

easy to predict right

have a nice day


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