marketing in chartering and shipping

Once again not much to say, at first sight, about the chartering spot/prompt market. The summary is here, about yesterday’s index

Not that there is nothing to do, nor that we don’t try/discuss various cargoes/ships but as mentionned by BMTI “brokers, were busier twiddling their thumbs than trading“.

As always I’m happy to share bit of information.

For instance, Glencore, seems to have fixed this requirement – 35.000/10 CANOLA ABT 53′ VARNA/ARAG PPT/10 AUG 6.000 /8.000 – which was on the market since end july, done finally yesterday at something touch below 12usdpmt. According to our TC estimate this is giving about 6’500usd daily delivery Canakkale on a nice modern 38kdwt. I don’t have the info whether Glencore struggled to find the perfect candidate earlier at their freight ideas or if charterers bet on a softening market ex black sea. Glencore, still, is open with this (about to become) trendytrade  Ctza/Rouen-Dunkirk 35.000/10% Wheat Laycan week 32/beg week 33 8000x/5000x freight on this one? Trust if they get below 13usdpmt, they manage quite well.

You’ll note how the cargo is circulated, “end week 32/beg week 33” this is a pudic way to say “prompt, can also do spot”… or “need a spot ship, if really needed chrtrs can consider to wait a bit”.

This leads to my next point about Marketing in shipping and chartering. (which if you’re really after chartering spot market info, you can skip reading the below, if you still read it… no rights to complain)

So, about Marketing and Chartering, this is very sophisticated and it’s a kind of a task to resist the siren-like appeal. There are a baunch of great tricks used by the brokers in their emails which are eyes-catching.

We got brokers who call themselves A1, which is a kind of a statement. The subliminal message behind is

“fix via me and you’ll be safe and out of troubles, 100%Guaranteed”.

And what if things go wrong? Then this is the joy of the shipping adventure. Sorry.

You also have brokers advertising the counter party they circulate being “First Class“. It’s a fact then, fix this First Class principal with A1 broker and you’re the king on the market.

The brokers’ marketing tricks are endless. We got a nice one also this morning, circulated as follow

“S P E C I A L  P O S”.

You have to recon, this is quite a start. I started with the great feeling of being  blessed to be part of the circular for this (very) Special Position. My side, this morning, I was already almost drawing the fixture recap while reading this one. Then reality caught me bit quicker than expected. This S P E C I A L  P O S is only about a handy open in Oran (Algeria) next week. Not a ship open in Antibes, or Geneva port, no pretty commonly in oran. Then out of a sudden I started wondering what’s so special about this position? Then I realized this handy open in Oran is 26yrs old. Then I went on something else and focused on this “exclusive” cargo being quoted with the same commissionstructure from at least five brokers. I decided to give a try to the one stating “exclusive, from close friend“. As shipping/chartering is probably one of the last remaining industries where you can still make business with friends. But it appears that I picked up the wrong chanel and I shall have chosen the one quoting “LOCAL Friend“. LOCAL is also a nice little word which apparently makes the difference. Of course, when you read this, you know this is going to make the difference. A broker fixing his local charterers through a broker fixing his local headowners for a business which is starting from the opposite side of the globe, to end up in the middle of nowhere is surely a plus. But then I had to cope with time difference. And I’m still here, free of the duty to draw the recap.

Nobody so far dared to put in their circular “Exclusive from close direct friends” and it’s probably the next Big thing for 2020. If this can make a difference, let me use the Promotion trick done in the FMG Industry, I can propose you The package ficture deal. Fix 10 times with Pelagos within the next 10 days, and get 10% discount on our commission on the 11th fixture, and don’t bother about exclusivity from our direct close local friends, we’ll handle it. Don’t try to resist to this siren-like appeal, it’s a great deal, offer valid for 10 days only. You should rush.

Have a lovely afternoon


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