being bottom of the wave, what’s the swell period then?

Again, with most of our French charterers being off today, doing the bridge, I have to admit this is cutting a bit the info and picture on what we can see out of the market. On spot prompt basis ex Continent whether you’re looking for a a handy, a handymax or a supramax, it’s a difficult task as the ships available are only said to be available for the end of July. Sure some of them went to Baltic, some other to BLSEA and some others might remain hidden and their managers will wait for Monday to put them on the market. It’s a fair game, charterers not to disclose too early what they have in their books and owners not showing their next positions on the market (or bigger step cutting of their AIS). Knowing our chartering job is mainly about hidding and getting information it is somewhere  interesting to read article everywhere in shipping medias about the needs for more transparency. Obviously, transparency being one thing, chartering and commercial decisions another one, unless you have the politics getting into the game. See this relatively fresh European Commission press release on price transparency: (Shall we ask Boris Jonhson what he thinks about this?)

On the handysize still no fixture to our knowledge has been done ex continent. From the Blsea on these ladies, passing Canakkale or dop is the standard now. We got the rumor that a handy index type was fixed above the 5kusd level passing canakkale via blsea redel Egypt. I’ll run the maths to get the voyage equivalent for your monday start. From Ecsa, sailing from SAFR on a 34kdwat owners seems able to obtain 7500usd aps south Brazil to perform a Baltic destination to be compared with the HS3 at 6789usd today.

on the bigger ladies, Supras and Panamaxes, the end of the week leaving owners in an optimistic mood with either charterers talking period on modern Umax for 12 months at $6’250 daily. On the panamax side, in the East we understood an owners on subs at $7’000 daily for a 3-5 months took the advantage of chrtrs being late to see elsewhere what market can brings.

On the shipyards, which we were mentionning bit earlier today, they are at the bottom of the wave and it is quite likely the swell period is going to be a looong one. BMTI reporting “Japanese shipyards continued in june with only 4 orders in the month -2 handymaxes, 2 panamaxes- compared to 98 units registered in the same month in 2015!

have a nice week-end and we remain available if you have something to fix! alternatively we remain available for all operations matters which will surely pop up during the week-end with the on-going cp’s we have.

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