wondering what to do with useless ship/and wasted wheat?

Please note Bdi is remaining up, meantime Capers are seeing a first decline since quite few days. The upward movement is still here but we can feel confidence being in decline. Handysize, ex continent/baltic after a starting of the week with quite various cargoes from Baltic (mainly scrap and steels) which drove up owners ideas, it appeared the stems were either not firm or not ready to be traded and after few subs being lost interest on the grains cargoes which are paying less but are firmer have been receiving a more positive echo yesterday and this morning from owners. Blsea remains a arsh area to be in with a ship with level being proposed on handy for Blsea to Morocco at $3’000 daily even below this 3kUSD if the final destination is USG which remains a nice area to trade from.

If like us, you try to understand somehow challenges which are faced by grain traders you realize that quality of the next crop is the center of grains charterers attention. Which origin will go where? And owners being Grains fans then to try to know where they shall try to be open next. Quantity will be here again, questionmark remains on the quality. On the wheat, Russian next harvest, seems to be poor in terms of protein (only 10/11%) when the average is shall be at 13%. As the new crop is arriving it’s time to set some assessment with the one which is just over. It’s quite surprising to read that Blsea nations becoming top Grains exporters with 80Millions Metric tons on the season 2015/2016, when USA is at 75Millions BLSEA GRAINS EXPORT article here.

Of course grains is not everything in the drybulk shipping industry but we can wonder how the traders and charterers from this Blsea area managed to keep the shipping blsea market so low for the whole year or in other words where would have been the blsea market if the grains export would have been lower?

Canadian corn production regions are facing one of his worth drought since decades. French wheat, still need to see what the outcome, anyway french people are not so worried, they have found new way to trade this cereal, see the posh place Vendôme covered by wheat here: so chic

Yesterday, Oil has dropped by 5 % (source reuters) “Brent crude was down $2.44, or nearly 4.9 percent, at $47.66 a barrel by 1:09 p.m. EDT (1709 GMT). U.S. crude fell $2.55, or 5.2 percent, to $46.44. That was the biggest one-day percentage drop for U.S. crude since Feb. 9, Reuters data showed.” full article here. oil prices drop

On the Owners’ side, if owners are wondering how to keep their ship busy, here they are about to find new trading opportunities. fresh salmon here and surely thinking a bit more ahead, people will find new use for nice ships.

I can’t wait to eat Norwegian farmed salmon breed in brand new ship and fed with Place Vendôme’s wheat. Waiting for such as always, being a broker, I’m pleased to try to fix your very useful ship with tip top wheat quality.



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