German cars can be shipped with Greek ships…

But the reverse is not likely to happen, not because of lack of German ships at sea but still looking for Greek producted cars.

Difficult to get use to it but again quite a slow monday to start this week. Grains handy spot requirement from Continent is finding quite few tonnage keen to be elected as the performer and money proposed by owners is not what we can call market encouraging for the days, weeks to come. indeed, tce is around USD$6500/6750 aps sub final candidate specs and intake. Still on the handies, can see couple of prompt requirement from Baltic, with BPC looking for a candidate ex Klaipeda to Itaqui Rio Grande range. Charterers ideas, provided they can find a ship able to coope ideally with the stow plan is heading to tce around $4500/5000 daily bss aps. Also A/C URALKALI aiming to load 27,500 10 BLK MOP,3 GRADES ex SAINT PETERSBURG,11FW to SANTA MARTA+BARRANQUILLA,27’+PUERTO CABELLO with no guidance here. This to be compared with the scrap on which Cargill is reported fixed a 8300usd daily on a 34kdwat from Baltic to Emed.

According to list of fixtures from BDI dtd 3rd june, USG is still solid for Supras and Handymax, with us$13500 to UKC-Med for the latters. BMTI says Handies still, USD 3’000 said to be worth from FEAST to NOPAC when the reverse trip is said to be @ 4’500usd daily.

As mentionned last week, This week 23 for 2016 will be mainly focused on Posidonia 2016 with already few nice words which have been shared on the social networks such like Twitter. Here below a short compilation, and as

we say here in France “chacun voit midi à sa porte” or in English “everyone is looking out for himself

Lord Mayor of London ‏@citylordmayor  #Athens hosting #Posidonia2016 #shipping exhibition: Delighted to see so many #British exhibitors – UK #maritime sector leads the world

Nicola Good ‏@NicGoodmaritime: If owners stick to commitment about not ordering, we will be in a much better position in two years, says Citi’s Volpicelli @CapitalLink

Greg Miller ‏@GMJournalist  : Shipowner Nikolas Tsakos tells audience at #Posidonia2016: ‘Germans know as much about shipping as Greeks know about the car industry’

Nicola Good ‏@NicGoodmaritime : Market collapsed because of banks taking unsustainable positions, says Prokopiou @CapitalLink #Posidonia2016

Lloyd’s List ‏@LloydsList : Time to buy dry? Sentiment begins to warm in dry bulk sector, but optimism could push recovery away

If you’re up for a kind off drybulk market general analysis, an interesting one here sure about future? and about bull commodity market.

as usual, I agree with my above comments and I like to believe it’s already a good start.


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