Shall we all run to Posidonia?

Good day, good afternoon,

Slow end off may is followed with a flattish begining June. Lucky us still 29days to go on June for finding excitement. Today’s BDI is pure flat with panamaxes and supramaxes going bit south. However as mentionned already yesterday, ECSA whether you’re trading on the Panamax / Supras or Handies is nothing else but red. From our database, about 20 handies are open in ECSA spot/prompt, 15 supras are here looking for their next employment, and we are not considering the ballasters able to be here in the next 15 days. Much more than physical requirement seen from this area. Admi looking for 45kmt stem from upr to Egypt but have almost full of time ahead of them (10-20 june), same with Glencore after a supramax from plate to wmed 15/20 june.  Uder these circumstances, as mentionned by BTMI, with no surprise, funky destination such like IRAQ, charterers are confident to cover around $7500 on a 32-35000dwat. As a comparison, a 25’000 10pct stem of sugar from South Brazil to Blsea is worth $5’000, max… On the other side of the atlantic, ie up to the north, some canadian Wheat looking for a taker for Gavilon, trust not enough to keep the local owners to be excited.

Taking a step backward, networking is and remains an important part of the shipping people job. Last week, Antwerp Breakbulk was followed by the Copenhagen shipbrokers diner same being followed by the Istanbul festivities, next week, Posidonia self declared ” world’s most prestigious maritime event” will be held from 6-10june, and then for those still having some business cards left for distribution France will be hosting his shipbroker dinner in Paris on 16th june. And I’m talking only about the Occidental events. Those will be very good reasons to find the market being calm & quiet.

For sure Posidonia, with more than 19’000 visitors in 2014, is a main event and whether you’re planning to go or not, reading here the list of conferences which are going to held is giving quite a good overview on all the strategic questions owners and shipping people have to face. posidonia program, anecdotic (or not) if you’re into networking but not much into beer, you can still participate to the running event, wise enough, it’s a 5km run only. running in athens. And don’t ask me where you put the business cards you have been able to collect at that time.

Have a good evening, I go to get some business card printed… For tomorrow, you can have some thoughts on what makes the difference between being direct and being close.


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