are brokers influencing the market?

As brokers, we can be fairly happy to read in market daily reports such statement mentionning

“the shipbrokers’ meeting in Copenhagen was blamed for taking market players away from their desks in northern Europe and brokerage centre around the world”. This would mean market still needs the brokers to be able to make him move or at least make fixtures happen. Meantime, being there last week and talking with quite few brokers (which you might find amazing), more than a few, in the discussions where mentionning “well, I’m ok, I just fixed a ship today“, so either most of them are liars (in which case what about the “my word is my bound” motto?), or brokers have embraced the 21st century technology and are able to do the work on their smartphones. The truth is probably a mix of both. When they say “I fixed” probably need to understand “my office fixed but I initiated…” and “the last terms, I agreed them on the phone”. All in all Copenhagen remains an impressive city when it comes to bulk cargoes/ships and most of the locals (whether operators, owners, brokers) are agreeing that market is still tough and shall remain tough for the months (years?) to come.

On the atlantic side, Handies and supras, USG seems to be cooling down for 10th june onward at least on the grains, the shortage of tonnage seems to be covered, for now, with a 1500 gap, the later, the cheaper.

On the Continent, Aps rates are back on the grains to Wafr, after couple of months where DOP where prevailing, with according to our vision off the market, a 1000usd premium on the tce to Wafr vs Wmed destination.
View ECSA being a sleeping area, no surprise that owners are asking for a premium to cover in a way or the other the repositionning.

Willing to read few more and wondering what about scrapping, then plse


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